[Report] NxM DAO Monthly Report for July 2021

As we put a wild a hectic month of July behind us here at NxM there’s a lot to report on as the community has rallied behind the all the initiatives created during our first month. To be honest, it has been messy and we did submit our request a bit late, but we’ve done a great job so far in growing the community, putting out content and contributing to the ecosystem!


Our Social team of @bonepolice @Dedeukwu @Paul & @steven have been putting in some great work keeping the socials active around all the activity happening in NxM. July was for us to get organized and to set the foundations of what is to come. We have a Core group on Telegram and are looking to bring in @JCB to help coordinate the Social team as we move into August. Check out all our Social accounts via our Linktree

A NxM Store on Mintbase! Yes we created a store on Mintbase for NxM so we could give away and sell our materials like event posters and for the minting of our NxM Anthem. You can check out the store here.

Community Calls:

You can watch our Community Calls hosted by Vandal below

Events & Proposals:

Postponed to August:

We now have over 250 members in our Telegram and have been active through the onbaording initiatives in creating Near Names for community members.

We are also happy to have spawned C1 - A new guild with an awesome goal to help support under-represented communities!

Much love! Oh and if I forgot something I’m going to add to this post with updates!


I want to tag on that we also shot the first month of DAOdrops, and will have our first event Friday (8/6) in cryptovoxels. This project will be providing four events a month for the community, and I’m super excited about the level of participation and engagement we’ve been receiving! While this has all been behind the scenes so far, last months work has put us in a position to really put these events together in a cool way. Can’t wait to see it come to fruition!


Oh yeah and we’re waiting for @JCB to finish up the NxM Community Video! It’s almost done… Will include it in there


Ahhh so much going on and I love how you’ll be doing a report per event! This makes my heart sing.

Going to have these playlists on repeat - awesome work @vandal @bonepolice and the NxM team!


Facebook report from @Paul is here - [Report] Facebook July 2021