[Report] NxM DAO Management - November 2021

This payout request is for the management of the NxM DAO for the month of November 2021.

November has been quite tumultuous to be honest. There has been some uncertainty around the future of NxM with all the talk around the DAO Legal Discussion creating more questions moving things into December and 2022.

But, I did create two new guides for funding streams that we are using to move things forward with how we plan to facilitate the support of our community. You can find the links in my monthly report for November here.

With everything shaking up a bit, it’s allowed for more thought about how we want to move foward with NxM and how it fits into the greater ecosystem for Music on NEAR. Of course, like a lot of other DAO’s we made our move over to AstroDAO and are excited about the coming features!

For all the additional work (and stress) I’ve bumped up the payout amount a bit.

Request - $300 (35 N)
Target - vandal.near