[Report] NEW ALBUM EP JUNE 2022

So Far So Good :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: for my project funds MAY 2022

Am so grateful :pray: for NXM COUNCIL’S MEMBER -
Thier support was helpful to me on my NEW ALBUM NFT EP MAY 2022 .
This EP contains 8 solid tracks, was so stressed up that took me two months,
Was thinking the EP will just going to be a month but am surprised it takes up to two months, but am grateful for everything, Thanks once egain :heart:

The album was title ( RASTAMAN nah FRAID)

Songs title:


3 Don’t call me Names

4 Burning Fire

5 Zoom Love

6 Rihanna

7 Rastaman nah FRAID

8 No Water No Nepa

Cover art was made by @Jadesigns

Beat maker were @bigm007
@TJYOUNGY @pepanicotb

For the minting I found out three songs was not able to be minted on the mintbase store/ NXM open store,

I even ask from other moderators from the Web3 ecosystems an everyone was surprised, so we decided that I should put it on the report.

As for the funds that were given to me was supposed to be 500usd in NEAR but the first payment was successful 250 USD in NEAR
I used it to settle my studio session with @pepanicotb he is in my country from NXM / ReggaeDAO
I used him because we are close and I wanted to be sure on what we are doing

The second request payout was not successfully received 250 USD in NEAR because of the near crashed that we all was facing

8 USD NEAR was on my wallet before receiving the 213 USD in NEAR , you can check out from the screenshot from above
You will see the total I received was 205 usd

As for the payments I did all my payments in France CFA with the producer am using in cameroon,he was a newie into the web3 ecosystems NEAR protocol , I use my binnace to trade the NEAR to BTC and sell to receive our local currency

Art design :

As for the beat makers payment @BigM007
We agreed on splitting the royalties 50-50

@tjyoungy : told me to split the Cort 50-50%

@pepanicotb has been paid by France CFC you can check out the screenshot from above

On the release date i organized a release party Which was so excited and also with some light refreshments the took me up to 150usd for rental of events ground/ drinks and snacks/

You can check it on my YouTube channel Link from above

@Paul @Monish016 @bonepolice MUCH LOVE