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This will be a small exclusive event due to covid capacity limitations, how ever it will be useful due to the near and music onboarding members from cameroon into the NXM community NEAR ecosystem and new near wallet activation will be taking place at the event ground :fire: talking much about NEAR and MUSIC ecosystem

This will be the second event happening in cameroon as well as Web3 ecosystem/NXM is concern.
Will be educational and onboarding members to the Web3 ecosystem/NXM community guide in the ecosystem.
We will have live performance on which we record video’s and audio’s minted after the event as an NFT.
We will have @Jahzonemusician @Symbolik @bonepolice
To talk about NEAR Protocol/NXM and DAO with NEARNFT blockchain/
web3 ecosystem.


We will explain the mission of the guild.
We will onboard invited contributors as we feature our contents for a big marketing push through out August and more of 2022.
We will get bloggers and media release for the event to help spread the name of the guild and strengthen a cameroonian presence.
We will need to entertain the population relaxation with Snacks and drinks… etc.
We Get a good allocation for the event ground and also organized a live band set with some good DJs and Artist , Banners
For this we request $500… .

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$500 will be allocated for the planing, space rental and intetainment or with light refreshment. And also will be use for all expenses we can use a little of @Jahzonemusician NEAR to activate or allocated for new wallet activation .

For event ground=$50.

DJs set =$70
Was supposed to be needing Live band set but due to lack of funds or limited amount is $500 we are going to use just the DJS Set.
,$100 for the artist and DJs.

Drinks and snacks= $130
A bottle $2 Wich is 50 bottles making a total of $100, with snacks making the total of $130.

Printing of bannas and hand bill= $50.
Hand bill as invitation card $25 and also banner can be $25 for like two or four banners .

Caravan is like rahley we move around sharing near nxm hand bil like evangelism is $50.
Transportation will be about $15, dj set for caravan $20 and also MC for that movement$15, which making total of $50.

Bloggers for promotion $50

For the Educational workshop $50.


Djs are two of them dj poison and DJ nonsense
Dj poison Redirecting...
They don’t have near name but using this event to get an account for both of them so I can pay them with NEAR

Jaica , mistikal , JAHZONE , BuJUman
King jaica Redirecting...
Mistikal Redirecting...
BuJUman Redirecting... …are artist for live Performance
afriblink blog is one of the bloggers I will love to work with for promo kamer blogger
J Martin promo
Afriblinkblog Redirecting...
J Martin Redirecting...
Kamer blog Redirecting...
The event date is 28 August 2022 I will like to start working on the arrangements asap. First I will start with posters and banners with hand bill and bloggers to spread the information urgently and to make sure everyone knows what’s gonna happen
Am requesting this fund to allocate EVENT GROUND . DJS AND SET . Drinks Artist with transportation $500 to make the EVENT Successful.
Thanks @marketingdao-council

Total requesting fund 500 usd in NEAR

TARGET:- jahzone.near


Hello @Jahzonemusician


What are the metrics?

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Hey @Jahzonemusician you should have discussed your plans with me before putting me on the proposal. I’d be happy to speak at your event assuming I can fit it in my schedule, but that’s something that should have been arranged in advance. Further, I would like to proof read proposals that have my name on it. That way I could give suggestions as to if any aspect doesn’t look flushed out and that the proposal is inline with Onboarding DAO’s mission. I am sure you will do a quality musical event but I do need to ensure that my name is being associated with a quality proposals. In the future pease ensure you speak with me in advance to putting proposals forward with my name on it and share the proposal with me prior to submission. I appreciate it.


Hey @Jahzonemusician a couple of questions:

Also, it doesn’t instill confidence in this to see the above comment from @Symbolik – I think you need team members and collaborators to confirm their involvement before proposing.


Ohh am so sorry but this was the Event I told you about on Twitter, remember I said I need your time and you give me go ahead, was telling you @Symbolik and @bonepolice
about the Educationally ONBOARDING event that I need you to Educate Cameroonian artist using Discord/ Zoom , but was on the month of June maybe I forget about reaching you but I can remember the chat history, I’ve searched can’t find yours cause my old Twitter was compromised, here’s @bonepolice chats history with me on telegram :-

I appreciate your concern brother, I was to tell you more in a bit sorry if am wrong
Yes you are right that was a mistake I made, am still working on the schedule of the proposal that’s why I forgot to remind you about everything please :pray: am really sorry,
I’ve message you on Facebook and tellegram for more details please sir I need your help

Sorry about the date that was a mistake you can check the date from the Event Title, 28 August 2022 please my apology

Thanks for the comments or feedback , I appreciate sir and also thanks for taking your time to guide me to come up with a solid proposal, yes I have been funded with Nxm project proposal and EVENT PROPOSAL and ReggaeDAO live event Cameroon with ReggaeDAO NEAR MIXTAPE

The first Event proposal was approved by NXM Guild that was on the 15th of December 2021, and the report was submitted , by then I was alone on the Educationally aspect but was a lot for me alone that’s why I need someone who is elderly in the NEAR Forum to help me on Educating the new members that has been ONBOARDING with others on the real world who are interested to the web3 ecosystems but they need more Education about the NEAR protocol / NearNFTs/ Blockchain,

2:- Is ReggaeDAO also your project?
As a founder of ReggaeDAO and a Council’s Member , yes ReggaeDAO is also part of my project , our goals are- bringing reggae artist and producers/ graphics designers/ reggae lovers visibility into the NEAR protocol web3 ecosystems, me and @BigM007 are the council’s members that are submitting our monthly funding Proposal and also we managed the monthly activities, so that the DAO should be active,

3:- do you have a report from this previous event that you’ve posted on the Forum?

Yes sir we have all the report submitted but the last ReggaeDAO monthly proposal ( live event Cameroon and live with Bigm ) proposals has two reports cause the Time that we received the funds was late so it took us two months to give out all the details that was needed due to the funds that was late to received / insufficient Time , and also the event took place before we get funded and we decided to do it again so we can onbaod 50 more new members into the web3 ecosystems ( NXM , ReggaeDAO , beatDao)
And we created more than 20 New NEAR Wallets.
You can check it from the links below on MAY /JUNE Report

4:- [EventApproved] Cameroon NXM live Educationally ONBOARDING event Cameroon 21st December 2021

I was new on writing a report so I tag them as a reply under the Event Proposal as my report but was advised by the moderators @vandal to rewrite a report and submit separately and I did but you can check on the Approved proposal below to see some details that was submitted by me with confirmation from the moderators

Thanks once again for taking your time to check out my Projects and Event Funding Proposal , am patiently waiting for you response, hope my explanation are Clearfield? Thanks sir

Hey all, I’ve talked with @Jahzonemusician briefly today. As I mentioned above, I do have confidence, great confidence, in his musical abilities and ability to bring people together for energitic vibes filled moments. I think there is promise in the work JahZone does in music and entertainment. We are friends through NxM projects. I would agree to do the workshop if I have time. Don’t turn JahZone’s down on the account of what I wrote. Please review the plan and ensure it fulfills the onboarding requirements, outlines the process and has clear targets. Please look at the over all plan and give feedback accordingly.


Thanks :heart::heart::heart: BIG One love, I appreciate your Support


While this seems like an interesting event, I’m just not sure how this will result in additional Near wallets or community engagement. It’s a no from me.

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Thanks for your feedback sir.

About the new near wallets we are going to pay all artist involved on Thier NEAR Wallet and also ONBOARD audience on the event ground,

On the Educational workshop, we are going to be creating new near wallets and ONBOARDING new members into the web3 ecosystems/ NXM / Beatdao/ ReggaeDAO.

First we will make sure they are Onboaded into our telegrams chat secondly we proceed with the wallet creating, am expecting 100 person’s with about 20 Artist hopefully we are going to create a new near wallet to all that are Artist, and more.

Thanks for taking your time sir hope it’s Clearfield , am patiently waiting for your feedback if it not cleared,

Onboarding-dao supports events less than 500$
Could you revise the budget? or Is any another dao can support the event too?
Also it seems

1st includes 2nd?!

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Ok thanks very much for the update, I will try and calculate on how we can manage this to be $500, and also I will try to propose a Proposal on NXM guild to see if they can help.
Due on getting some disappointment now, am depending on @marketingdao-council.

I was trying to manage the craud cause not everyone will be on time for the light refreshments that’s why I put but 50 bottles on the list cause of management, snacks will be just for $30 and the more I see the craud is when I can add for more drinks but the most important thing is the event to be successful.
Hope my explanations are cleared?

@mr_free can you check the estimate that I have done right now and give me your feedback if all is clear?
Thanks for your time sir, I would appreciate
If you can recommend on the NXM Proposal for them to support this event from the link below

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Thanks for answering my questions. I don’t doubt your enthusiasm for NEAR or creativity/talent, but after reviewing this proposal, I am not able to support it for funding from the MarketingDAO. I think it is a better fit for CreativesDAO or OnboardingDAO and recommend reaching out to them. Since you have another proposal that received funding from the MarketingDAO recently (ReggaeDAO), I would focus on growth and community building for that project. I look forward to seeing how that goes!

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Thanks very much for your conclusion, we are building the project already, and trying our best to make it successfully solid