Near woman is excited to submit a comprehensive update on its activities since the inception of the DAO in September 2022.

a. Community Growth: We have been able to achieve a growing community of online and in person via daily interactions and engagements with people from different walks of life.
i. 66+ Telegram Members
ii. 60+ Twitter followers (@nearwomann)
iii. 65+ Instagram Followers (@near.woman)
b. NFT Creation: Near woman has successfully open a mint base store and we currently have about 44+ NFT’s minted in the store. Check out our store via this Link

c. Logo Bounty:

Impressive collection of logos were submitted for consideration for the near logo bounty, and we are grateful that we have been able to amaze a wide range of talented individuals from all works of life. These logos were scrutinized by our council members and a winner was selected based on the following metrics: simplicity, authenticity, theme, color, structure and overall design. @sniperxx.near emerged the winner and his bounty prize of $100 (Near Equivalent) was awarded. Winner was announced and the logo was unveiled and updated.


d.Motherhood Art Bounty:

We are extremely passionate about every event that relates to woman, motherhood, nurturing, caring; hence this bounty is very important to us. We still have this bounty open as this has brought in a wide range of attraction from talented artists and high quality NFT’s have been created through the process.

e. Physical Event:

Near Woman had it very first ever physical event which was an event centered around motherhood, what to expect, how to manage the expectations. This was a 2in1 program as we also used the opportunity to introduce our audience to Near Protocol, explain the vision and mission of Near Woman and also have a impactful networking and connections. We had over 25 people in attendance, and we successfully onboarded members to the ecosystem. A list of some of the near wallets that were opened.
o temih.near
o Celestina.near
o Mayokun02.near
o Sadeo.near
o ememfuro.near
o adetolode.near
o Peacea.near
o Jewlady.near
o Christabel1.near
o fayv.near
o chiamakaokonkwo.near o Marsh14.near
o ruthyrima.near o anniemk.near o Lakore.near


This is awesome. Great one NearWoman

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Near woman is doing great. Love to see it grow

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