[Introduction] NearWoman Dao

Dao name: NearWoman


Pivotal moments in life require support from various angles, when these forms of support are made available, we become attached and grateful. I am proud to introduce the Near Woman DAO which aims to be the support point for women in all pivotal moments in life.

Imagine a space that guides you in various moments of life, a safe heaven where experiences are shared, and information is divulged. This experience will range from support to attain financial freedom, emotional stability, and physical wellness.

DAO Name: NearWoman

Mission: Enabling Women attain Freedom

Vision: Improved Quality of life through transformative solutions

Values: Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Collaboration.

Near Woman would focus on providing support to women at different stages in life. Although, this community is centered around supporting women it is open to all that are in tuned with the mindset of growth for women.

The roadmap is to create a sustainable and self-sufficientcommunity that will eventually be the one stop shop for needs of women via these pathways:

a. Creation of NFTs: Women in all stages of life require support from those that have passed through similar experiences. EX. The stage of childbirth, what to expect and how to mange these changes. NFT that focuses on the depth support and management will be created and minted; hence women from all over the world can purchase these support materials to guide them through.

b. Organization of Events: Creation of a community where women and women supporters feel at home, a safe space where learning, development, and fun happens. The long-term goal is to have the events organized by this DAO be the one and only in the web3 space where women are excited to be a part of hence using the Near coins as a means of payment.

c. Near Powered Businesses: Empowerment can happen in different forms; financial empowerment is an important kind of support. This community will empower women to showcase their products and provide support for their creative ideas. With this support, we will encourage the use of the Near coin as payments.

d. Near Powered Fashion Shows: Appearance is an integral aspect of wellness, incorporating fashion ideas and shows into the NearWoman DAO is a means of promoting sustainability of the DAO with focus on fashion finds, display shows which will be powered by Near.

e. Near Powered Creative Solutions: There will be different brainstorming solutions that will empower women which we will shed light on from time to time. In the web3 space, we aim to teach women about “Near Protocol”, how it can be utilized, maximized for their creative ideas.

Overall, this DAO aims to empower, enlighten, and promote the use of the near coin with multifaceted approaches. Immediate deliverables will be building an active community, encouraging users to open NEAR wallets as access to these benefits will only be feasible if you have a near wallet.

Long term deliverables will be business creations, community building, encouraging diversity in the ecosystem, empowerment and promoting payments via Near coin.

ABOUT: I have had the privilege to participate on various activities in the ecosystem through the very prestigious NearxArt DAO and Young fresh DAO.

One of my accomplishments is the recently concluded ghetto photography bounty that had a lot of entries and also made a successful NFT sale.

I am also proud to introduce my coucil member olakitan.near who is a power house, a mother, a business woman who is equally as passionate as I am on issues concerning women.

Kindly note that I will be stepping down from Young Fresh DAO to focus on the activities of NearWoman.


Amazing initiative you got here! It looks really good :+1: