[Closed] NEARWOMAN June to August ( 2023)

Title: [NEAR WOMAN ] - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR [ June to August ] - [2023]


Astrodao: nearwoman.sputnik-dao.near

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Pivotal moments in life require support from various angles, when these forms of support are made available, we become attached and grateful. I am proud to introduce the Near Woman DAO which aims to be the support point for women in all pivotal moments in life.

Imagine a space that guides you in various moments of life, a safe heaven where experiences are shared, and information is divulged. This experience will range from support to attain financial freedom, emotional stability, and physical wellness.

DAO Name: NearWoman

Mission: Enabling Women attain Freedom

Vision: Improved Quality of life through transformative solutions

Values: Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Collaboration

Please share details of your team members and showcase any retrospective value created by your team members and why your team is the best to receive the funding.



Bimpe is very passionate about issues related to women and women empowerment. She has lead various initiatives in the web2 community involving training and developing opportunities for women to grow. She intend to implement the same in the ecosystem. She is the cofounder of Nearwoman, started August 2022, she is also a council member for Near X Art dao, she has also worked with youngfresh dao before starting up her own dao.

@Truce is a music producer and a very passionate about web3, he is a current council in youngfreshdao, he joined the Nearwoman community because of his experience in artiste management and his experience building on the web3 space. He has vast knowledge in web3.

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Olakitan is a beautiful Mother of 3 lovely kids and a Grandmum, she’s very enthusiastic about networking and connecting women from all walks of life into a common goal of maximizing opportunities that come their way.

Facebook profile

She joined near woman with the aim of fostering a safe space where women can network and initiate ideas and innovation

@shade as the life of the party, she is very well connected and grounded with herself and her environment. She brings an holistic approach to issues affecting women and the environment.

  • Achievement information about the DAO


  • Content and Social media stats (web2/web3), on-chain activity, built dapps(if applicable only)
    On-chain memebers: 11 onchain members
    Social media: 250+ follower
    NFTs: 43+ NFTs Minted
  1. Share the content links of youtube Instagram with numbers of engagement, website etc, events done IRL

1 IRL event
Twitter: (6) NearWoman (@Nearwomann) / Twitter

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under

1. Art
2. Music
3. Culture
4. Mixed-Media
5. Women empowerment

  • Impact

Enabling Women attain Freedom

  • Roadmap

  • Long term goals: In the long run we want to organise events/talks & mentorship program for women, in the Metaverse and in the physical world, and also provide education about crypto and its infinite possibilities.

How to become self-sustainable and accomplish projects.

  • For now , we are building to have a strong hold of female community exploring on the web3 and metaverse, for this project, we are starting our mentorship program that would be include helping female creatives with all the knowledge they need in their various creative sector. ( for instance , if a female creative aspires to be a graphic designer, we would provide her with the learning she needs and tools to help her kick start her career). This service will be available exclusively for members in our community.
    This is a rough sketch of our plans for now, and we are in works to achieving, but we will get more feedbacks from women in the community.

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal

Roadmap On a monthly basis

June: community call , Artist orientation, call for producer
June - September : female artists support, mentorship and education , membership card, increase onboarding possibilities

July : live session and artiste recording, (Evaluation & Onboarding, Minting of NFTs, website creation )
August: Mentorship program, physical exhibition for female artists (Open Call, Evaluation & Onboarding, Minting of NFTs, report publication.) & NFT competition.

September : (Open Call for female creatives , mentorship program,Evaluation & Onboarding, Minting of NFTs, report)

October : Exhibition in NEARhub

DAO’s Milestones for proposal

June: 30 Nfts on paras and mintbase .
July : website creation, open call for writers, 3d wearable books for writers, social media promotion of contents

August : 500 views on every promoted contents
September/October : open call for female creatives in mentorship program


Project 1 (please make a copy for each different project)

|Description:| Female Artiste support

Our goal is to provide a space for women to create freely. We will be creating a music project that will onboard quite a few female creative from outside of the space.
This project will be centered arround feminity, as the artists , producers , and graphic designer will be all female.

We want to give power to women in web3 space.

We will be working with 9 female artists

|Expected outcome:|-<

Create opportunities for female creatives by supporting them financially to make arts and NFts

Onboard all 9 female artists working on the project, including the crew.

Educate female creatives on how to leverage on tools built on near blockchain , ( how to mint NFts, use Astro dao, )

Create music Nfts on paras and mintbase

Curate an all female playlist on tamago

Promotional contents on social media to give more exposure to near and attract more web2 females to our community .

  1. 30 to 50 onchain visible onchain transaction from creation audio NFt from creatives

|Activities & timelines |

June 22 to 30 ( open call for female producers)
July 1 to July 15 ( creation process to completion of music project ).

List of Artiste That Would Be Supported

|Budget:|(Detailed budget for each activities, target wallet (if any))|

Artsite 1

Twist berry

Target wallet : twistbery.near ( 125 usd)

Artiste 2


Target wallet :Peachesworld1.near (125$)

Artiste 3


Target wallet: seyimillz.near (125$)

Artiste 4

Targetwallet: edunanuoluwapo.near ( 125$)

Artiste 5

Onlytomi.near ( 125$)

Artiste 6

Target wallet: not available yet
Artiste 7


Target wallet: not available yet.

Artiste 8
Graphic designer :

faithnine.near ( 50$)

Production of 2 songs: 150$
We will make an open call to search for female producers to work on the project on the forum.

Total Budget : 1075$

Project 2
Description: ( writers cirlce) :

The idea of this is to bring together female writers together, and educate them on how they can incorporate their books to the near blockchain.


This challenge is amongst web2 writers especially outside the ecosystem to write a story or poem on any topic of their choice using the Alexandra blockchain library and producing a 3D wearable books.
We are looking forward to promote and educate web2 writers on the use of the near Alexandra library and the creation of 3D wearable books, that’s why we came up with this challenge to achieve the aim of promoting Near dapps.


  • To be eligible every contestant must write a story of not less than 500 words
  • After collecting stories from all 14 writers
  • There will be an education on how to create the 3D wearable books and how they put their books on the near Alexandra library, we will contact @philosopher for the education as he is in charge of the library
  • Then lastly writers will post a link of their books on their social media pages and also post some part of the book on their Near social page using the caption “check out my 3D wearable book on Alexandra library
  • then go to Our Astrodao to claim your $50 token in Near

Expected outcome:

  1. Engage our community
  2. Create opportunities for female writers by supporting them financially
  3. Expose writers to the use of 3D wearable books and near blockchain library
  4. Produce a 3D wearable books for voxels
  5. Produce Ebooks for Alexandra library built on the near blockchain
  6. Pictorial representation of the books will be minted as NFt on paras and mintbase
  7. Generate an onchain bounty on Astrodao for web2 female writers
  8. We will have a book reading session on different books in the Alexandra library

Activities & timelines:

  1. Create a open call for female writers- beginning of July
  2. Reading club on last friday of every month.

Budget: $50 each for 14writers, after completing the task ) : 700$
Graphics : $50

Total Budget: $750

Project 3
Website Creation
Here is the moment where we bring all our activities, features, vision and purpose with Near as we intend launching our official website of Near woman, We want to properly brand our female artist and provide a source of mentorship and education for them, this feature will be available on the website
Following the goals of our project for this quarter, we will onboard and provide mentorship for about of 20 artiste, which is the reason why we need of an official website.

Expected Outcome

  • All information relating to Near and the Near woman DAO would be updated as we proceed
  • As we expand and get attention of many web3 artist, a website as such built on Near would attract them to our ecosystem.
  • There would be link to the Near official site and basic steps to Wallet creation and Near deposit steps.
  • There will be a link to web3 guidance like awesome.near
  • There will be a of mentorship program on the website, there will be exclusive video contents to mentor the growing female artist
  • There will be a customer service to answer questions about the ecosystem and Near at large
  • They will be links to our minted NFTs on mintbase and para
  • Videos, arts and photos of our past events will be updated on the website
  • This website is also an avenue to keep Nearians and the world at large informed about our activities.
  • Videos relating to the DAO, such as music videos, documentaries and educational contents will also be steamed from the sites.
  • Web3 artistes can also create accounts, have profiles on the website, and link their mintbase links to their profiles. The only music links that will be accepted on the site is Mintbase.

Budget breakdown:

  • Website creation $300 USD
  • Purchase of .org name $70 USD
  • Purchase of website template $80 USD.
  • Total Budget : $450

$700 will be shared among 4 council members for organization ,education and management of the set out activities.

  • What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?

  • Creating a very interactive and Creative support for Womem wit the use of blockchain.

  • Onboarding various female artists from different disciplines into web3

  • Creating interdisciplinary events with an educational and digital component

  • Establishing long-lasting partnerships

  • Physical space & memberships (physical & digital)

  • Self-sustainability (Mentorship programs, through events, rentals, educational workshops & agency services)

Roadmap to reach the goal

  • June to August : focus on onboarding more Women(mentorship and Creative support ) ;

  • August to September :(strengthen the internal structure, project promotion & conference talks, mentorship)

  • October to January2024: Own a nearwoman hub for mentorship and therapeutic talk , strong social media presence, artiste onboarding

  • February to May 2024: Attract investors and become self sustainable through set our plans from mentorship programs on near hub, organise 70% of activities on nearhub

  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Our proposal aims at creating a strong network of female creatives through our mentorship and support programs, and we keep on working on making Near woman a brand name in web3 space, through our artist support and mentorship.

Most of our projects are primarily focused on web3 education ,use of digital technologies and dapp , we will explore more means to attaining self sustainablilty.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?

  • Council will handle supervision of Artiste music production, promotion and education.
  • We will make sure to repeat the every project that gives us result beyond our expectations
  • We will try to repeats every successful processes, explore more ways to reaching self sustainability.
  • We will keep mentoring artists and building our brand name in the web3 space.


*introduction of 50 new community members ( near wallet creation/ near social account)

  • Total of 30 Nfts to be minted
  • 20 to 30 Female artiste under the mentorship program
  • Feedback and engagement from the Near Woman DAO community.
  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?:
    To onboard new female artists into our DAO and the Near ecosystem.
    To help guide and educate all members in our DAO by helping with things such as minting , art creation and promotion of artist’s work.

We will create short how-to do tutorial videos for our members.

To find multiple ways of reaching self-sustainability such as learning about DeFI.

Total request number: $2975

DAO on-chain address (nearwoman.sputnik-dao.near):.


Hi @Bimpsyy
The proposal submitted to the funding vertical of CreativesDAO was reviewed and unfortunately rejected on July 21st.
Please check the feedback on your project and the proposal in the following link: Google Sheets Link.