[Report] Near Turkiye Community [August - September]

Hello NEAR Family;
I am here to share the August-September Report of the Near Turkiye Community.
(Proposal for August - September)


  • A. Twitter / Instagram / Telegram
  • B. Videos
  • C. Articles
  • D. Channel (Online) events
  • E. Weekly meetings





We are posting the News, Important Updateds, Authentic researches and Infographics from here to keep the community alive and informed. We put together a great team that consists of a researcher, a designer, and a social media manager.


The same information shared on Twitter is also shared on Instagram.


Community mod: @dadathoo_crypto @OkanCaptain @REK @KriptoRaptor @crypto_blckhntr

For quick and one-on-one support:
We move forward with organic followers and we never add bots.
From day 1 we set up Combot and Rose for bot protection and also to get Reliable channel statistics.

News-Announcement purposes:
It is for those who do/may not use Twitter or Instagram. Posting News, Important Updateds, and Infographics from here as well (linked to the main chat).


Educational purposes:
It’s a series of new initiatives about Developer Education.


B. Videos

The number of Videos: 3
The expected number of Videos was: 3

NEAR | NEARCON 2022 11-14th September

NEAR | SWET ECONOMY | Newbie Guide | Episode 1

NEAR | SWET ECONOMY | Newbie Guide | Episode 2


C. Articles

Written number of Articles was: 16
Expected number of Articles was: 16

NEAR & Social Good: Change Through Crypto

Open Forest Protocol #1: The World is in Danger

NEAR & Social Good: Bringing Web3 to the Fringes

Open Forest Protocol Part2: Why OFP?

NEARCON 2022: A Global Experience for Builders and Creators

Why Gaming Chooses Web3

A Complete Guide to Web3 Wallets on Near Protocol

Why Game Developers Should Build Their Games On The Near Protocol?

NEAR Releases JavaScript SDK Affecting 20 Million Developers

NEARCON 2022 is Almost Here: Explore the NEAR Ecosystem in Lisbon!

NEAR Launches Sustainable Learn and Earn Program with Coinbase PART 1

NEARCON Highlights

NEAR & Gaming: Putting Gamers in the Driver’s Seat

Nightshade Sharding Phase 1 Launches— the Next Alpha is NEAR

Hack A New World With MetaBUILD III

A Year On NEAR


D. Channel (Online) events

  • We held two Quiz Night event. We gave away about 22 $NEAR as a reward.

the rewards transferred from: blckhntr.near

  • We also had Twitter Spaces.


F. Weekly Meetings

As the Turkish community, we hold our weekly meetings.

Our advisor: @KriptoRaptor
Active contributors are: @crypto_blckhntr @REK @OkanCaptain @dadathoo_crypto

Thank you!


Great report guys. I can see the amount of dedication you put on your work. Congratulations.