[Report] NEAR Turkey Community [June] 2022

Hello NEAR Family;
I am here to share the Report of June 2022 of the Near Turkey Community.
(Proposal for June)


  • A. Twitter / Instagram / Telegram / Discord
  • B. Videos
  • C. Articles
  • D. Online events
  • E. Weekly meetings
  • F. External Marketing



The real average number of tweets: 124
The expected average number of tweets was: 90 - 120

We put together a great team that consists of a researcher, a designer, and a social media manager.

We are posting the News, Important Updateds, Authentic researches and Infographics from here to keep the community alive and informed.



The same information shared on Twitter is also shared here.
We have 9.525 organic followers.

Community mod: @dadathoo_crypto @OkanCaptain @REK @KriptoRaptor @crypto_blckhntr

For quick and one-on-one support:

We reached 1.090 organic followers and we never added bots.
From day 1 we set up Combot and Rose for bot protection and also to get Reliable channel statistics.

News-Announcement purposes:

It is for those who do/may not use Twitter or Instagram. Posting News, Important Updateds, and Infographics from here as well (linked to the main chat).

Educational purposes:

ItÔÇÖs a series of new initiatives about Developer Education.


We provide support on our Discord Turkish channel.

B. June 01-30, 2022 / Videos

The number of Videos: 5
The expected number of Videos was: 5

Binance deposits and withdrawals to Near Wallet

Staking Strategies | Binance | Linear | Airdrop | Increase Stake Earnings

Near Town Hall: Near Ecosystem Updates

STABLOIN USN | What Is USN? How Does It Work? | v1-2

Near University | Certified Courses | Job Opportunities

C. June 01-30, 2022 / Articles

Written number of Articles was: 10
Expected number of Articles was: 10

Airdrop Probabilities in the Near Ecosystem.

Will we have privacy on Web3?

NFTs on NEAR: Beyond the Hype

P2E Game Series: Chain Team Tactics (CTT)

Music and Blockchain: Introducing the Future of Sound

In Near Protocol, there is a Panther!

Step by Step to Decentralization with Near

Atocho Protocol is on mainnet

NEAR Community in Focus: NEAR Regional Hubs

Decentralized Finance at Near #1

D. June 01-30, 2022 / Channel events

Quiz Night Participant reward:
13,5Near / 11person

Most active members reward:
20Near / 5person

Game Night Participant reward:
11Near / 4person

Transferred from: blckhntr.near

E. June 01-30, 2022 / Weekly Meetings

As the Turkish community, we hold our weekly meetings.

Our advisor: @KriptoRaptor
Active contributors are: @crypto_blckhntr @REK @OkanCaptain @dadathoo_crypto

F. External Marketing

The event we planned to do in June was postponed to July 2022 due to the approval of our proposal late and the late payment of the funding.

P.S. : I will add it again in the June proposal (as approved) and in the report as well.

With our hard work and your support, NEAR will be even stronger, but will not go to the moon alone.

:sunglasses: We Move Forward Organically. :100:

Thank you!


very good performance canÔÇÖt wait to see you performing in a bull market!

and thank you for detailed report @crypto_blckhntr @dadathoo_crypto @REK @OkanCaptain and all other community members who contributed