[Report] Near Turkiye Community (October and November)

Hello NEAR Family;
I am here to share the October and November Report of the Near Turkiye Community.

During the pause in funding, we continued our work non-stop for NEAR, ensuring that people are alive in the ecosystem without reducing the information flow.

The Proposal for October and November


  • A. Twitter / Instagram / Telegram
  • B. Videos
  • C. Articles
  • D. Channel (Online) events
  • E. Weekly meetings



We are posting the News, Important Updateds, Authentic researches and Infographics from here to keep the community alive and informed.


oct and nov


The same information shared on Twitter is also shared on Instagram.


Community mod: @dadathoo_crypto @REK @KriptoRaptor @crypto_blckhntr

For quick and one-on-one support:
We move forward with organic followers and we never add bots.
From day 1 we set up Combot and Rose for bot protection and also to get Reliable channel statistics.

News-Announcement purposes:
It is for those who do/may not use Twitter or Instagram. Posting News, Important Updateds, and Infographics from here as well (linked to the main chat).


Educational purposes:
ItÔÇÖs a series of new initiatives about Developer Education.


B. Videos

The number of Videos: 8
The expected number of Videos was: 8

NEAR | November Updates | News

NEAR | Metamon | Closed Beta | Battle Royale | Blockchain Game

NEAR | StaderX Overwiev | What is the Liquid Staking

NEAR | Piksespeak.io | NEAR Data Bank | Track Near Network

NEAR | Skyward Hack | USN Windown | October Updates

NEAR | Mobile wallets | Sender | Here | NearFi

NEAR Protocol | 1 Minute in Near | Why Near

NEARCON 2022 Highlights | Brave | Swarcoin | SailGP | NDC | Pomegrant

C. Articles

Written number of Articles was: 10
Expected number of Articles was: 10

The First Fan-Owned Team Is Building On Near Protocol

Near Protocol 2022 Q3 Status Assessment #2

Near Protocol 2022 Q3 Status Assessment #1

Near 2023-4 New RoadMap

Introduction to NEAR ProtocolÔÇÖs Economics

USN Wind Down

NEAR Token Supply and Distribution

NEAR Funding Updates: Funding Beyond Grants

NEAR After NEARCON In Numbers

How NEAR ProtocolÔÇÖs Nightshade Will Disrupt DeFi


D. Channel (Online) events

  • We had invites your friends activity, gaveaway 10 $NEAR as a reward.


the rewards transferred from: blckhntr.near

  • We held a Quiz Night event. gaveaway 10 $NEAR as a reward.


the rewards transferred from: blckhntr.near


F. Weekly Meetings

As the Turkish community, we hold our weekly meetings.

Active contributors are: @crypto_blckhntr @KriptoRaptor @REK @dadathoo_crypto :dizzy:

:hugs: We look forward to your feedback to achieve more excellence. :100:

Thank you!