[Report] NEAR Stars Guild August promo videos

Hey people of NEAR just want to share with the community August report for projects that we supported. Funding went well. Big thanks for NEAR Grants team for sending funds in DAI. We still exchange them to NEAR at RefFinance and send to youtubers as payments, maybe now we got less stress about losing funds and acting fast when the market has its ups and downs.Enjoyed working with Raiz Farms, Spin Fi and Wota admins, they know what they want, opened for contests and forwardish to get the most from youtubers.

Raiz Farms

Made a contest with some NFT drops with team. Videos were created by:

DeFi Whale

Video is done, some changes on #NEAR are waiting to launch.


[Проект вертикального земледелия Raiz Farm Раздача бесплатных NFT #raiz #раздача #бесплатно #nft - YouTube
A lovely review with 38k views.

Crypto News
Script is written, approved by all sides and now in production.


Team didn’t want to create a contest, so we went without it giving some extra promo to NEAR…

Roman Pushka

Got 21k views.

Rakesh - All About Crypto

Bit over then 9k views for a nice review.

Hot Crypto News
At the moment in script editing mode from both sides.

Crypto Plecho

Will be live shortly, editing last links.



Also created a contest with an NFT givaway and some cool bonuses for gameplay. From smaller youtubers impact on game downloads wasn’t that much, tho on big accounts see user flow coming in, joining community and new gamers playing.


2.6k views well performed long review over 18 min!


Got 2.4k views


Published yesterday, will get more views. Admin really liked review, long and detailed one.


Review will be premiered today at 18:00 eastern european time.

Crypto Life

More then 12k views. Another splendid review, well written, long and deep look into WOTA.

MIR NFT in recreation process for WOTA review wanted to make a bit wider.

Crypton got hands full in September, so for WOTA review hes team is gonna make by first weeks of month. Ilya from WOTA agreed on that kind of waiting.

Crypto Gems, Crypto Gorilla and On Chain Gaming we skipped (some performed poorly, other are just scammers) so, Stars Guld gave an opportunity to Raiz and Wota to pick up youtubers for budget by themselves. So they picked up AJ and DeFi whale for reviews.


First video created, waiting to get uploaded.

Second about Raiz Farms is on the way.

Conclusion and recommendations.

August went much better. We got past month two scammers, so i got top curious how to get them on shallow waters before they ask for funds for review videos.So really cautious about that. Love to see youtubers catching our guild asking for collaboration, think we reached ALMOST all of crypto niche youtubers. We still didn’t use Modash.io, funds for subscription we used to get better youtubers for Wota and Raiz farms, there are plenty left that have under 20k subscribers, so looking ahead how NDC will move on. In plans for it maybe it would be much easier to get back with Ambassador program for such youtubers and give them opportunity to make 100-300 USD for reviews by recreating program and just simply emailing everyone of them to join us. With bigger youtubers those might be reviews as we are doing now, at the moment also having connections with few that want to create reviews about NEAR and Aurora without any interest. So feeling really glad that Stars Guild setted up video niche that every video creator and community member knows where to send influencers.

Some stats from our Twitter account that is growing and is really interactive thanks to Yana:

And we had 3 promo videos created by Church, as always fancy.
Raiz Farms

Spin Fi

For WOTA is in production, will drop in comments when done.

I tried to keep report short. If any additional info is needed, let me know in comments.

NEAR community members, if your project needs some promo, your always welcomed to fill the form:

Or join our Telegram: Telegram: Contact @nearstarsguild a friendly and warm welcoming place. ))

@marketingdao-council if any other details needed or there are recommendations you can share, let our team know. 3 rest videos will be dropped in comments by next week when reviewed and published.

Another review for WOTA by AJ, tho he messed up and posted video without links, so effect of this was like none. By this week peek hours he will post another one for Raiz Farms.

Raiz Farm reivew from Crypto News

Another one from Hot Crypto News is waiting for third recreation, so should be also posted shortly.