[REPORT] Near Positive Vibes January Report

Hello,@nearglobedao , Near Protocol community! January report 2024
Project Name:Near Positive Vibes

Project Intro:
The project Near Positive Vibes is an active project in the Near ecosystem. Our goal is to promote acceptance and awareness of the Near protocol among a diverse community through education and outreach. Our tasks is to attract new users, help them create wallets and get to know the ecosystem and explain the advantages that the near blockchain has. Near protocol is a very convenient platform for developers, and also convenient for users due to fast transactions and low commissions. Our goal is to familiarize people with these advantages, which are the future of the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency in general. WEB3 is the basis of decentralization, which we observe in the management system of the Near ecosystem, thereby we introduce the community to WEB3 and its advantages that exist in Near.

Our social media channels:
News group
Near social



Approved Proposal Link:

During this month we achieved the following:

Twitter:https://twitter.com/nearpositive 350Followers 23.8k Impressions /61 publications per month
Telegram Chat: Telegram: Contact @nearpositivevibes Members :433 /90 active members
News Telegram: Telegram: Contact @nearpositivevibes_news Members :149
NearSocial:https://near.social/mob.near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=positivevibess.near Members:50 / 26 publications per month

This month we used the Zealy innovation platform to host a solo sprint with almost 340 people (337) participating. There were 15 prize places; over the course of 5 days, participants completed a number of specific tasks, which were updated all the time. At the end of the sprint, we saw a lot of people’s interest in the near protocol, and also received positive feedback after the end of the sprint. To stay updated with our latest events and future awards, visit our Zealy account and join us on this exciting journey:

Held 3 creative competitions on different topics, as a result of which we received an increase in subscribers unrelated to the Near Protocol and also received many works from participants.

3 ama sessions were held in: Telegram: Contact @near_protocol
The Ama was held with :
1)CEO of Sweat Economy Oleg Fomenko.
2)With P2E game founder Realis built on the Near blockchain.
3)With an employee of Near Foundation Gaming.

In January 2024 we received one partnership with a blogger @crypto_system
We introduced the blogger to the NEAR ecosystem, provided information and discussed emerging issues. As a result of our partnership(NEAR Positive Vibes) with a blogger, a video was shot on YouTube.
The video announced the main NEAR news and the advantages of blockchain
Below is the link to the YouTube channel

Metrics & Evidence :

KPI Referral system Parameter Start End Evidence
Wallets creation of 50 wallets 17/01/24 12/02/24 [Wallets created](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZTylvVGL9mdpmEOAZlsm8QzWEQLBj_wVmghU2uWWLvw/edit#gid=0)
Engagement gamification mechanism Telegram Twitter Near Socia 17/01/24 5/02/24 [Engagement gamification mechanism](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p0M5iQ1EBw6i9rSsxFkfdnMnGuUnrS1l4slH5S_8bKU/edit)
Partnerships Youtube Zealy 17/01/24 13/02/24 [Partnerships](https://docs.google.com/document/d/12cyO-Y3LRbpghLJTmX0jIk1TUs6UX-wawW79Xy30ebQ/edit)
Education Telegram Twitter Near Social Ama 17/01/24 12/02/24 [Near Positive Vibes](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zvVXqk4-eovtcw8QvE1ASHEf94xN2B9eUmWbCUTdK60/edit) ```

Full information in docs

Next Goals Highlights:
As we move forward, we focused remain on facilitating growth and building a strong community within the Near Protocol ecosystem! And also so that our channels on all social networks serve as a reliable resource for the community that is interested in the near protocol. After all, the key feature of our community is its multinationality, we have no attachment to any country or language, thus community consist of participants from different parts of the planet. We plan to create even more partnerships, educational, interesting content, competitions, ama and much more, as possible so that even more people know about Near.

Only positive. Stay in touch with us on our social networks ^_^.


Hi NEAR + Vibes,
Thanks for your report!
Please keep up good work to have a partnership with web2 company belongs to 4 categories (TradFi ; Traditional software companies; AI/ML; Social apps)

Thank you for the great report, I couldnt find the video you refered to. Could you please share it?