[APPROVED] Near Positive Vibes March 2024

Hello @NearGlobeDao

New offer for the community Near Positive Vibes
I followed the March KPIs Globe DAO Near globe community charter - Google docs and set myself goals accordingly.

Community name: Near Positive Vibes
Wallet: maks1mk_a.near
Financing scheme: 1 month

Link to social media accounts:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NearPositiveVibes
News telegram: Telegram: Contact @NearPositiveVibes_news
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NearPositive
Near social: https://near.social/mob.near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=positivevibess.near

Why you should support our project:
Our community fits the KPI Globe DAO and is active. In our chat there are participants from Europe and Asia. We actively participate in the life of the ecosystem Near, NDC, Aurora, Octopus.
Our chat has been active in news about the near ecosystem for two years, we have held various competitions, and sessions with various near teams, and attract new users. We talk about the advantages of the Near ecosystem and introduce users to projects on the Near blockchain.
KPI and goals:
Maintaining accounts after 1/2/4/8 weeks and assessing social activity
aim to retain at least 50% of connected accounts.
We will continue to share daily content on all our social media accounts, keep in touch with various crypto communities and provide support 24/7. We already have an active community since 2022 and we will maintain and interact with the existing community.
Referral system: we aim to achieve 25 new wallets per month and 10 average transactions for 15 new wallets.

Telegram chat/Telegram news:
goal - 25 active participants,support 24/7.
We will publish, explain and discuss the main news of the Near ecosystem.

Invite more users to our Telegram, X from different crypto communities.
small gifts and promotions to increase engagement (quiz, activity competition, social media subscription)
There will be activity in various groups of the crypto community and we will talk about Near.
X(twitter) – goal 30-50 posts,5k impressions: Daily shares the latest news and updates with hashtags and tags to increase engagement, promotion.
Average number of dapps
we will keep an eye on the decentralized applications presented on Dappradar and invite the community to use decentralized applications on near. promotion through ama campaigns, mini-competitions.

YouTube: 2videos/300views/moth

Education of the local communities:
5 Developers 2 medium content
2 events
15 users/ event
6 swags delivery"

Content: education Near BOS (widgets, web applications, near bos, near horizon). Featured stories, web3.0 and social networks, defi, dapp, various ecosystem projects.

Educational content on X(Twitter) and news in Near social

Support 7 days a week telegram chat near positive vibes and share educational content infographics, share daily news from Near media channels, ecosystem updates, partnerships, small Near and Keypom giveaways to increase group activity, wallet betting explanations Near

Allow users to comment Near social, participate in competitions to increase online activity.

Total costs for March: $2200


Please make a diagram of your proposal for easier checking!

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Hello @Frederick ,

Would request you to update your proposal according to the new KPIs mentioned in our Charter.


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I’m finding it challenging to translate the KPIs you’ve explained into the following table: Globe DAO March Funding - Main Docs - Google Sheets.

It would be greatly helpful if you could provide a diagram for visualization.

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Good afternoon, updated information


Hi @Frederick, thanks for your proposal.

It’s good for me.
I support.

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your proposal. I am happy to support you under Tier D with $2200 for March 2024.

Good Luck.

Happy to support tier D!

Thanks for putting together the diagram, you have my support.