[REPORT] NEAR Native Community — June 2023

We did not receive a grant for June and were operating on the previous fuel. It disrupted our plans a bit.
We’ve made a bet on on-chain activity lately, helping users interact with and explore the ecosystem.

June 2023

Previous Proposal:
[Approved] Near Native Community (Social Media Budget) May 2023 - one month $3300

Previous Report: May 2023
Approved amount in $: $3,300 for May
Guild name: NEAR Native Community Guild
Wallet: uniteddao.near

:white_medium_small_square: Main Content:
IamHuman is a verification protocol that will give access to voting and a number of other features in NEAR
Updated the instructions in the article due to the fact that the provider has been changed.
Blockchain Scaling Approaches: NEAR Sharding vs. Layer 2s
Tokenomics $SPIN: potential for future growth

:white_medium_small_square: Slightly shorter version on Telegram:
Users can decide the fate of 2 billion $SWEAT tokens by voting in the Sweat wallet
NEAR will join the upcoming Coin Bureau Live conference as a bronze sponsor
NEAR Foundation and MARBLEX intend to promote further growth of the Korean Web3 game industry through Aurora
NEAR Foundation responds to recent SEC complaint against Coinbase
Participate in free online workshops and learn more about NEAR
The NEAR Foundation and Galxe, a leading Web3 community-building platform, are working together to provide Web3 users with a seamless onboarding process
The NEAR Foundation, together with Mirae Asset, a division of Asia’s largest financial group, Mirae Asset Global, will help build bridges between traditional financial systems and the Web3
A quick option for exchanging tokens from NEAR to Ethereum became available in the Rainbow Bridge interface
Electron Labs’ zkBridge is now available to everyone
Santo Spirits, the tequila production company co-founded by Grammy Award-winning musician Sammy Hagar and celebrity TV chef Guy Fieri, is launching a loyalty program on NEAR Protocol
Trading tournament on the Spin platform has started
To celebrate NEAR Protocol network support for native USDT, Kucoin exchange launches campaign with 16,000 NEAR tokens drawing
BitMemoir platform announced a partnership with NEAR Protocol
Long-term economic model for META token holders launched
The NEAR Foundation has partnered with Urbit, a system with multiple components with a single point of entry, linked into a single encrypted network
Škoda explores NFT with NEAR to develop the new Škodaverse platform in India
Last year’s NEARCON was epic, this year’s will be a cult one!
Decentralized platform Spin will hold a number of tokensales
Open contest for content creators on NEAR Horizon launched
The NEAR Foundation has partnered with Vortex Gaming, the Web3 division of INVEN, Korea’s largest gaming community
NEAR Foundation and Alibaba Cloud announce collaboration to accelerate Web3 growth in Asia and the Middle East
Tonic closes its own trading platform on NEAR
Beta perpetual futures are now available on WOOFi DEX on the NEAR mainnet
Participants of Spin tokensales will be able to take part in an exciting rave
NEAR is organizing a two-day event at the EthCC conference that will focus on BOS

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:white_medium_small_square: Events
06.06 - 13.06 - Zealy, dedicated to the Aurora ecosystem
15.06 - Quiz on the Quizchain platform
20.06 - 30.06 - A new series of quests from our guild on the Zealy platform

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Telegram Chat - 10940
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Twitter - 14025
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IAH: 18 users
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