[Report] Near Book Club Launch Event

Hello everyone!
Near Book Club Launch event was successful. The event was hosted at Oyo College Of Education, Jobele.

I was funded for a budget to cater for 10 to 20 people.
But as much as I tried to control the attendance, we had a turn out of 32 students. 18 out of the attendees indicated interest to join the Near book club. And 3 indicated interest to register at Near University.

@Augustkinge gave talks on Near.

After which there was a general discussion on the Book Club, books of particular interest to the group etc. We concluded on having smaller units within the Book Club to cater for different area of specialisation and interest of each members. This units select books that match their interest and meet regularly for discussions on the Metaverse. There will also be a general meeting where everybody will meet to discuss a particular book.

We also concluded on having a ‘dress up book event’ on Nearhub. This event will include premier of short videos from members acting like their favorite character in the book. There will also be discussions on the book, and general talks on Near.

By the time of the event, Near had dropped to $4, so my budget was reduced by more than half. I had to do so many things from my personal purse. We also didn’t have enough funds for paying for an auditorium. We had to use a hostel’s common room for the event. Also we could not afford to rent P.A system, projector and screen.

We opened wallets for attendees, funded the wallets and helped them with customizing the Wallets. We also had to gift 11 attendees 1gb of data each to help them facilitate opening of their wallets.

We could not buy books for the Book Club library due to lack of funds. But we got free books to start with.

*Logistics(data, airtime, transportation, lodging, renting and fueling of generator, miscellaneous)
*Souvenirs: 15 shirts, 50 Nose masks, 40 writing books.

*Foods and refreshments: water, drinks, snacks and 40 plates of food.
*Publicity and adverts: (5 students were payed to help with publicity, planning and organisation) Graphics were made for the event. Two banners were printed.
*Wallet funding.

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Hey, thanks for your report. Love the way how you showed transparency and managed to get things done even after price drop. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are the books in a public drive? You can attach the link here so others can see.


Thank you so much.
They are in a drive, but not private. I opened an email account for Near book club guild, I shared the links already in our telegram group.



@FabDab thank you for a full and clearly written report. All looks like it went well!

Thank you very much. Yes, it went well

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