Introducing NEAR Book Club Guild



Near book club is going to be a blockchain-themed book club on the NEAR platform. We are focused on onboarding new users and also creating a space where people can learn and explore Web 3. The bookclub initiative has a clear target; we want to bring NEAR to over 5000 students, extensively educate new entrants on Web 3 and other related topics.
Create a community of skilled users that can explore Web 3 and build innovative solutions on the NEAR platform.

It is important that I mention that Nigeria is statistically one of the most promising areas to source and develop highly skilled human talent today. We plan on tapping into this unique talent pool and engaging them on the NEAR platform. Near not only gets the numbers it needs but also a community of vibrant and skilled participants.

Our education syllabus and protocols are well laid out already; we plan on compiling and sectioning the huge amount of educational resources available on the platform, coordinating reading groups with set monthly targets, organizing virtual workshops and discussion panels, and encouraging research work.
Our activities and work will be documented and stored as open source tools on the platform that can be easily accessed or used to corroborate other ongoing projects or develop new solutions within the network.

Our mission is to source, educate, and develop talent for NEAR. We will start conversations, build active communities, and encourage research within the paradigms of the NEAR network. There’s no down side to this initiative, from publicity benefits to its utility.


*Create an at least 50-member strong Book club on every tertiary institution campus in all over the world.
*Ignite a passion for reading in youths.

*Onboarding of writers, and organising writing intiatives.
*We plan on developing articles and other educational materials that help improve public understanding of the crypto space and, by extension, its
*Serve as a platform where Near can directly interact with students all over the World.
*Identify and engage young talents that will build on the Near Protocol.
*Create a library accessible by membership NFTs
*Educational intiatives that will facilitate the use of Near Tokens and platforms for payments.
*Explore mass onboarding opportunities and events.
*Create an Near platform that students, book lovers, school administrators, publishers and all book related personnel, can relate with.
*Metaverse Meetups and events centered on book discussions.
*Producing of audiovisual versions of educational materials.
*Minting of book related NFTS to be listed using Near Tokens to facilitate increased adoption of tokens tokens
*Opening a book store that links a physical book to an NFT that will be listed with Near tokens.
*Simplifying and making knowledge acquisition interesting.
*Working with developers to help build our book related game and hang-out space in the Metaverse.
*Creating a Near comic character, building a story and series around the character with the aim of gathering massive Awareness for Near.
*Production and minting of a quarterly magazine about Near and Near Book Guild, and and the other DAOs and Guilds building on Near.

  • Simplifying and making knowledge acquisition interesting.

Here’s the link to join our Telegram group:


This is a fantastic development.


Yes indeed!
NEAR to the moon​:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

Knowledge is power.
Books have knowledge.
Give books to the people.

Power to the people.



You are on point!
You just reminded me of that saying. I use to (and still do) find it quite interesting.


This is something new and I must commend the initiator of this movement, I am @Sammiee current NxM discord moderator,
May I mention that reading through this proposal i have found the goal interesting and super stoked, I will be glad to take up any role and support in making sure these goals and objectives are met

I will be following and looking forward to a start of this movement.


Thank you so much @Sammiee.
Sure! You are welcome. You can join our Telegram group: Telegram: Join Group Chat