[REPORT] Music Production Workshop With COTMUSIC


Hello Creatives

The Music Production Workshop was indeed a great success, and one I’d love to do all over again. The idea of having to help enthusiasts kick start their journey to becoming a recording producer is so fulfilling.
We had a number of social media traction as many showed interest in the workshop.
The workshop was physically held on the 28th of October.

It was indeed a very insightful workshop, attendees were taught from the very basics of music production and how to navigate a DAW.
We also discussed Artist Branding and Management which are very essential tools for every creative out there

As result of the workshop, our YouTube page had over 50% growth.
New members were onboarding to our community

Below are links to full video of the workshop

YouTube Workshop
YouTube Workshop 2

@Hawwal @cotmusic @Sholaspark


Hope to see more growth.