[Approved] Apex Trybe Funding Proposal July/August[2023]


  • DAO introduction

Apex Trybe is more than just a collective under the Near Protocol; we are a decentralized record label connecting and empowering creatives to unleash their potential in the Web3 space. Our mission is to build a community that provides platforms and resources for artists, musicians, and creators in music, art, entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle. We aim to revolutionize the centralized ecosystem and foster self-sustainability for artists through our innovative strategies.

  • Why team is best for the funds
    A music producer, musician and an audio engineer with a unique skill set in music and art projects , with more than a decade experience in the mainstream music scene. He has successfully landed projects and been part of a couple of web3 projects which includes THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORD with Blaqk Stereo, BAYOR EP just to name a few and has also successfully onboarded multiple artists and creatives through events such as THE BIG WAVE SUMMER FEST and THE MUSIC PRODUCTION WORKSHOPwhich was held in the last quater of 2022. LINKTREE

izuchi bismark
A skilled and experienced AR, Artist Manager and Vocal Coach Expert with multiple years of experience in managing and promoting the careers of talented artists. With a deep understanding of art, technology, and the creative industry.LINKTREE

A certified brand administrator, with 3years of experience in managing and enhancing brand identity. With expertise in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies, building brand awareness, and fostering engagement with target audiences.
With a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, Dachi possess a deep understanding of brand management, marketing, and consumer behavior.LINKTREE

Ugo Anyino
Web3 enthusiast and Project Strategist.
Highly motivated and experienced with a track record of delivering successful projects across a range of industries. Ugo has a deep understanding of the entire project lifecycle, from project initiation to closure. He has worked with cross-functional teams, managed budgets, timelines, and risks to deliver projects on time, within scope and budget. And an overall team player. LINKTREE

A seasoned product designer with experience. known for his simplicity and attention to detail and constant pursuit of innovation.
He has worked with a variety of clients and companies, from startups to esterblished companies, to design products that stand out in today’s competitive market.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

Over the last 30 days as a DAO we focused on Onboarding/Community Growth, Building our online presence on Near.Social, Creation and minting of NFTs

Had our first Audio NFT drop on TAMAGO.
We also utilised Near Dapps for our Dao infrastructure, Like Astro for onboarding our onchain members and Tamago for Audio NFT drops

New Wallets Created



  1. Art
  2. Music
  3. Culture
  4. Mixed-Media
  • Impact
  • Nurturing a vibrant community of Audio/Visual Artists, enthusiasts and supporters, who collaborate, create and showcase their works and buillt on NEAR
  • Promoting decentralized ownership and control of digital assets and intellectual property, empowering artists to have greater autonomy and control over their creations.
  • Driving adoption and use of NEAR DAPPS, by creating innovative use cases for NFTs and other blockchain-based technologies in the music and visual arts industries.
  • Facilitating cross-border collaborations and partnerships between artists from different regions of the world, leading to the creation of unique, multicultural works that reflect the diversity of the global community.
  • Creating sustainable economic opportunities for artists, by facilitating the monetization and distribution of their works through NFT marketplaces and other channels.
  • Providing educational resources and support for artists to navigate the complex world of web3 and decentralized technologies, promoting digital literacy and inclusion.
  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal
  1. Successful completion of the Oasis Global NFT Drop with high engagement and sales.
  2. Maintaining a successful online community platform for Audio/Visual Artists to collaborate and network with each other.
  3. Partnering with other DAOs and web3 platforms to increase visibility and reach of Apex Trybe’s initiatives and projects.
  4. Hosting successful in-person and virtual events, such as concerts and exhibitions, to showcase the talents of Apex Trybe’s members and further foster community growth and engagement.
  5. Providing resources and support for Audio/Visual Artists to become more self-sustaining and independent through NFT creation and distribution.
  6. Achieving over 200% growth of active members and contributors to the DAO, demonstrating the growth and strength of the community over time.
  7. Securing grants and funding opportunities to support Apex Trybe’s initiatives and projects, allowing for even more growth and impact in the web3 space.



Description: We’ve successfully onboarded and activated amazing Artists, BADBEAR [badbearmus.near] JOJO PHAREZ [jojopharez.near], EHYO [ehyomusic.near, TRILOGY [trilogy.near], KENNETH RIGHT [kennethright.near]. And so we are thrilled to announce our upcoming project, 'THE TRYBE ALBULM NFT DROP," a music NFT collection that features talented music artists from different parts of the world.
“EACH ARTIST WILL BE GIVEN $100 FOR THE PRODUCTION/MIXING AND MASTERING OF THE AUDIO NFTs” , Which will be requested by individual wallets on the DAOs Astro Treasury upon the approval of this project
The project aims to provide a platform for these artists to showcase their skills and reach a wider audience. The project will also support the Apex Trybe community in promoting self-sustainability through the generation of revenue. Each NFT will be a unique digital asset that represents the ownership of the respective track that will be minted on NEAR DAPPS such as Mintbase, Tamago, Paras etc
Expected outcome: - Increased exposure and recognition for our community, artists participating and the NEAR ecosytem at large to a wider range of audience, potential contributors and collectors.
- Onboarding of web2 artists into the web3 space.
- Adoption and use of Near Dapps and Creation of at least 30 audio and NFTs
- Provide a platform for musicians to showcase their talents and connect with other artists on a global scale.
Activities & timelines: - NFT creation [Production, Mixing and Mastering of Audio NFTs by individual artists.
- Promotions and Marketing [Use various marketing channels to promote the drop, including social media, email marketing, blogposts and partnerships].
- Host a metaverse show to launch the drop [BEATDAO MANSION]
Budget: - Production of audio NFTs by multiple artist - $500
- Visuals and Promotional Materials: Creating visuals for each track and promotional materials for the NFT drop will be crucial in generating buzz and interest. This budget will cover costs associated with creating these materials - $250
- Marketing and Advertising: We will allocate funds towards targeted advertising and promotion of the NFT drop across various social media platforms and other relevant channels - $100
- Technical Costs: We will allocate a small portion of the budget towards covering any technical costs that may arise during the creation and distribution of the NFTs. - $50
- TOTAL = $900

Project 2 Workshop/AMA

Description: As a startup DAO, we recognize the importance of educating and enlightening our community, and it remains a top priority to foster an active and engaged community. Our proposed project aims to achieve this goal by providing education and awareness about the Near Ecosystem. Specifically, we target newbies and aim to equip them with a comprehensive understanding of the Near blockchain, from creating with NEAR to effectively integrating Dapps such as Astro,Tamango, Ample and many more, into their brands.
Expected outcome: - We have set specific metrics to measure the success of this project, including: Attracting a minimum of 50 new organic and active Twitter/Telegram followers and subscribers.Achieving a minimum of 20 new On-chain members.Notably increasing community growth and engagement.
Activities & timelines: - To achieve this objective, we will conduct weekly AMA community calls for a duration of four weeks, where we will explore the Near Protocol and blockchain technology in-depth. During these calls, we will provide newbies with valuable insights on how to navigate the governance forum and incorporate Dapps into their brands.
Budget: - To effectively execute this project, we have allocated a budget of $300 as follows: Graphics - $25 per week [$100]Facilitator - $50 per week [$200]

Project 3 NFT Art Competition

Description: We are proposing an NFT art competition to promote and showcase the talents of emerging artists in the field of digital art. At the end of the competition, 3 winners will emerge. Judged based on creativity, quality of design, technical skill, and visual appeal
Expected outcome: - Onboarding and Educating 15 - 30 Digital Artists
- Minting of several NFT entries
- Overall community growth
Activities & timelines: - Launch the competition and promote it through various channels, such as The Forum and across all social media.
- Clear guidelines and criteria for submitting entries, including the requirement for the artwork to be minted as an NFT on Apex Trybe Mintbase store from all potential participants
- A deadline for submissions at the end of the first
- Review all the submissions and ensure that they meet the criteria for the competition
- Create a shortlist of the top entries, based on the judging criteria
- Shortlisted entries will be asked to create a poll on ASTRO to determine the finalists
-Announce the winners.
-Distribute the prize money to the winners via Astro.
- Winning NFTs will be used as cover art THE OASIS GLOBAL NFT drop and will also be minted on Paras
  • What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?


  • To have a steady flow of quality creation and release of Audio/Visual NFTs and building our community’s reputation.
  • To discover, onboard and help Audio/Visual Artist thrive in the web3 space
  • Hosting Events/Concerts Live and In the Metaverse
  • Collaborating with other DAOs in the ecosystem


Total request number: $2000

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): apex-trybe.sputnik-dao.near


The proposal was granted approval on June 16th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:

Please check the [Report] June Proposal Review - Creatives Constellation - Google Sheets regarding feedback on your project and the proposal.

Please follow the steps in the guide below in order to receive a grant:

Thank you so much @creativesdao-council for trusting us
We will not fail to deliver as promised :heart::heart::heart: