[Proposal] Apex Trybe April - June Budget


Apex Trybe is a DAO focused on connecting and empowering creatives in the hip hop culture to create and mint content/NFTs that promote the Near Ecosystem. Our mission is to be a safe haven for creatives, helping them transition from centralized ecosystems to A Decentralized one, where they can achieve their maximum potential and realize real value for their creations. Our values include innovation, creativity, bravery, transparency, and teamwork.




  • Music and Visual Art


A music producer, musician and an audio engineer with a unique skill set in music and art projects , with more than a decade experience in the mainstream music scene. He has successfully landed projects and been part of a couple of web3 projects which includes THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDwith Blaqk Stereo, BAYOR EP just to name a few and has also successfully onboarded multiple artists and creatives through events such as THE BIG WAVE SUMMER FEST and THE MUSIC PRODUCTION WORKSHOPwhich was held in the last quater of 2022. LINKTREE

izuchi bismark
A skilled and experienced AR, Artist Manager and Vocal Coach Expert with multiple years of experience in managing and promoting the careers of talented artists. With a deep understanding of art, technology, and the creative industry.LINKTREE

A certified brand administrator, with 3years of experience in managing and enhancing brand identity. With expertise in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies, building brand awareness, and fostering engagement with target audiences.
With a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, Dachi possess a deep understanding of brand management, marketing, and consumer behavior.LINKTREE

Ugo Anyino
Web3 enthusiast and Project Strategist.
Highly motivated and experienced with a track record of delivering successful projects across a range of industries. Ugo has a deep understanding of the entire project lifecycle, from project initiation to closure. He has worked with cross-functional teams, managed budgets, timelines, and risks to deliver projects on time, within scope and budget. And an overall team player. LINKTREE

A seasoned product designer with experience. known for his simplicity and attention to detail and constant pursuit of innovation.
He has worked with a variety of clients and companies, from startups to esterblished companies, to design products that stand out in today’s competitive market.


This project aims to onboard 30 - 50 web2 artist into the near ecosystem and also educate and walk them through on how to actively build on NEAR, Adaptation and usage of Near Dapps thereby bringing visibility to NEAR

This project has the potential to revolutionize the music industry by creating a more decentralized and transparent system for artists and fans alike. One of the most significant impacts this project is the potential to eliminate intermediaries such as record labels and distributors. This can give artists greater control over their music and allow them to earn a larger share of the revenue generated by their work. At the same time, it can create a more direct connection between artists and their fans, allowing for a more personalized and engaging experience.

Another impact of this project is the potential to create new revenue streams through the use of blockchain technology. Smart contracts can be used to create new business models, such as micropayments for streaming or pay-as-you-go access to music. This can help to address some of the issues currently faced by the music industry, such as the low royalty rates paid to artists by streaming services. Additionally, blockchain technology can help to track and manage royalties more effectively, ensuring that artists are fairly compensated for their work. Overall, a web3 music project has the potential to create a more equitable and sustainable music industry for all stakeholders involved.


  1. NEARverse Battle Royale Talent Hunt $670
  2. Community Workshop/AMA $330
  3. NFT Art Competition Funding Proposal $250
  4. Legal Wrapper Registration $200
  5. Council work $500

Total- $1950

Target : apex-trybe.sputnik-dao.near



POAPs for march

ASTRO https://app.astrodao.com/dao/apex-trybe.sputnik-dao.near - 9 Onchain Members

TELEGRAM - 39 Members


In conclusion,
We want to say a big thank to @creativesdao-council for your relentless effort and work to get us all back on track. This project has the potential to create real value for the community, With a clear vision, a solid plan, and a dedicated team, we can bring this project to fruition and achieve our goals.