[Report/mpDAO] Meta Pool Community Credentials by Socialcap (preliminary phase)


Socialcap aims to enhance community governance by ensuring fairness, transparency, and inclusivity in decision-making processes. By leveraging a blend of direct and delegated voting systems tailored to specific issues or candidates, Socialcap formalizes community-based decisions through the issuance of immutable blockchain-based credentials. These credentials act as formal proof of the collective will, preserving the transparency and permanence of agreements. This innovative approach helps maintain trust and order in dynamic communities, ensuring that decisions are reflective of the real human collective will, even in an era of sophisticated technologies.

Grant Overview

This report outlines the work completed as part of mpDAO grant #6. The focus during this grant was to analyze some use cases for community-based attestation process ultimating on an implementation of a platform for verifying and issuing credentials for the Meta Pool Community. The goal is to establish a reliable, transparent, and community-driven process for credential verification using our proposed protocol.

Implementation: OG Members Selection Process

The project focused on the OG members selection process for Meta Pool Community. This process was selected after showcasing and brainstorming several use cases with the Meta Pool team.

The Meta Pool OG Program is a campaign to reward those who have participated from the beginning and consistently in the Meta Pool ecosystem.

As a reward, OGs will earn a credential/badge that verifies you as a Meta Pool OG, your social capital to share within the ecosystem. A cap that would enable multiple use cases in the future.

How It Works

1. Create a new community

Community admin creates a new community on Socialcap. Should define a Name (unique) and a description.

Create a new community video

2. Campaign (aka master plan) creation

A master plan or campaign is the set of configurations and rules the community admin defines to streamline and automate the credential issuance and validation process. We give admins the power to create and customize the strategies that will govern the entire process for a particular type of credential. This strategy will be executed by the protocol when requiring evidence from the applicant, assigning validators, assigning auditors, tayling votes, collecting fees and paying rewards.

Set Community rules and create submission form
Communities can set their own claim types, credential prices and validation rules.

Campaign creation video

3. Applicants submit their submission form

Applicants must fill the submission form with all the required (and optional) evidence that would determine if they are OG members.
Note: The evidence will be removed after the voting process is finished.

Applicant submission form

4. Validators casts their votes on claims

After the claiming period is finished, a voting period will start.
Tasks would be sent to random selected validators. Those validators are anonymous within the community.

Community members selected as a validator (by the admins) could receive tasks to be performed on claims.
Each task consists of verifying the evidence provided by applicants on claims.
The validator after evidence evaluation could vote positive, negative or abstaining to vote.

Validators cast their votes video

5. Issuing Credentials

After the voting period is concluded, the credentials will be minted for every claim that has successfully been approved.


The project successfully addressed the challenge of verifying credentials within the Open Web community, focusing on the OG members selection process for Meta Pool. By leveraging advanced cryptographic techniques and a community-driven attestation, the project delivered a reliable, transparent, trust among members, reducing the risk of fraud and privacy-preserving solution. This initiative not only improved the selection process but also strengthened the overall trust and reputation of Meta Pool’s community governance.

Socialcap aims to become a crucial partner for Meta Pool in the common objective of becoming a transparent and reliable DAO by providing solutions that require streamlined and repeatable processes with the final result of obtaining verified credentials for that claim.

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