[mpDAO Grant 6 Report] Blockchain Educational Program

We are glad to announce the activities made by La Cripto Plebada in México during the last 2 months.

This report outlines the outcomes and impacts of a strategic initiative funded by mpDAO’s grant #6, aimed at enhancing the WEB 3.0 ecosystem through targeted educational and community engagement activities. Meta Pool, as a leading platform in the ecosystem, has committed to fostering growth and innovation by enabling both newcomers and existing participants to deepen their understanding and involvement in decentralized finance and blockchain technologies.

The primary objectives of this grant were:

  1. Onboarding Newcomers: Facilitate the entry of new individuals into the WEB 3.0 ecosystem, providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to start using and contributing to blockchain projects.
  2. Boosting Staking: Increase the total value locked (TVL) within the ecosystem by educating and encouraging more users to engage in staking, thereby enhancing the stability and security of the network.
  3. Enhancing Brand Awareness: Raise awareness about the key organizations and projects within the ecosystem, highlighting Meta Pool’s role and contributions as a cornerstone of this burgeoning field.

To achieve these goals, the grant supported a series of activities including an X space discussion featuring insights from industry experts, a comprehensive webinar on liquid staking and platform utilization, and an in-person meetup that provided direct engagement with Meta Pool’s team. These events were designed not only to educate but also to build a more cohesive and informed community around Meta Pool and its initiatives.

The following section will detail the activities conducted:

1- Meetup hosted in Culiacán, Sinaloa, México

We hosted a Meetup in which a member of the Meta Pool’s team, Raul Badillo, came to Culiácán and had a talk with the local community. Among the themes that were discussed are:

  • What is Meta Pool
  • What is liquid staking and how it works
  • Meta Pool Governance
  • Grants process

In this event about 8 people discovered the platform and how liquid staking is an option to obtain gains and participate in the governance to support local projects.

This event was done in Work Here Coworking, a local coworking space that is our partner.

2- X Spaces Talking about Meta Pool Grants

We hosted a X Spaces in which we had the abrahamrivv, lematecat and marcrypted as guest speakers to talk about the just ended round 7 of mpDAO grant.

The recording of the X Spaces is:


This X space was an excellent opportunity for the X community to learn about the process of applying in the mpDAOs grants, learn about projects that have applied (like ours) and the interact among Meta Pools ambassadors.

3- Youtube Webinar

One of the biggest problems in WEB 3.0 adoption is the friction using new platforms. In order to help with this problem we did a Webinar callen “Meta Pool: Apoya proyectos latinos y gana dinero en el proceso” in which abrahamrivv explained how Meta Pool works and did the whole process of getting votes to support new projects in the ecosystem

The link of the webinar:


Our aim with this webinar was not only to help new persons to vote in the mpDAOs grant #7, but also to have it as a resource for future grants.

4- Digital Campaign about Meta Pool

One of the best way boost the education in the technologies and platforms is through digital campaigns that are compliments of the other activities, so we did a post about staking and Meta Pool for people new to the ecosystem (among many others announcing the activities)


The goals we achieved in this proposal:

We are happy to announce the following numbers:


  • 11 attendees to the Meetup
  • 70% new to Meta Pool

X space

  • 132 listeners



Digital campaign:

  • 4944 impressions in X among all posts
  • Reached 531 accounts in IG among all posts

Conclusion & Next Steps:

The increased attendance at each event and the enthusiastic participation highlight the growing interest and commitment to the WEB 3.0 ecosystem. Post-event metrics indicate a significant uptick in new user registrations and staking activities, validating the effectiveness of these educational interventions.

As active members of the Meta Pool’s community we are planning in doing more events aimed at having more projects in the ecosystem and boosting Meta Pool’s role as a DeFi leader in the region

Links to social media posts:

Meetup posts:


Meetup flyer posts:


Staking and Meta pool posts:


X Spaces flyers posts:


Webinar flyers posts:

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