[Report/mpDAO] Kairos Research - Deep Dive Research & Analytics Dashboard

On December 6th we were granted with 814.42 $NEAR due mpDAO Grants #5

I’ve been trying to post the full report in the forum with no success because I’m new in the forum gg. However, our team shared the report in a Google Docs with some teams from Meta Pool.

I’ll update this post once I get the required permission to add links and images. If anyone can help with this it would be great! (:

I received a suggestion from Francisco, from the Meta Pool team to share the report as code


Thanks for the support, finally you can see our report (:

Kairos Research - Deep Dive Research & Analytics Dashboard

We are glad to announce the activities made by Kairos Research in Mexico during the last 3 months.

Report’s introduction

Kairos Research is thankful to have been supported by the mpDAO Grants program, the following information is an overview of the different activities conducted by Kairos Research and their members. We have created a deep dive research about different aspects of the Meta Pool protocol and an analytics dashboard built on FlipsideCrypto.

In depth Analysis

We created a dedicated research on Meta Pool, in which we provided a full analysis about what Liquid Staking is and how it is structured. In this report, we covered the basics of Meta Pool like how it works, the advantages of liquid stake your tokens in the protocol,the different projects in which your stTokens can be used, and differents aspects of the DAO like the mpDAO Programs or the new mpDAO token.

The full analysis can be found here.


Also, the Meta Pool team asked us for the raw version to be translated by their team.


The announcement post reached more than 1k twitter accounts but in the first days 32 accounts showed interest in reading the analysis.

Dune Analytics Dashboard

With the support of Rex


we created a Flipsidecrypto dashboard


due technical difficulties with Dune Analytics and because Dune doesn’t support Near Network. This dashboard shows more than 20 different metrics linked to staked NEAR/ETH in the Meta Pool protocol. These metrics will be helpful to keep a public track record of the performance of the different assets available in the project.Some of the metrics showed are:

  • Monthly Transaction Volume(NEAR)
  • TVL
  • stTokens Holders
  • Tokens staked over time
  • Volume Liquidity

One Pager & Dedicated Page in Monthly Report

In our Monthly Report, February Edition, we added a dedicated page to Meta Pool. In this one we did a high level overview in the Meta Pool Protocol. Our announcement of this report also reached more than 1k accounts and was opened by 19 different users. This and the previous metrics do not consider those views by users which enter directly into our website.

Twitter thread & Spaces

We released two different post to spread our work:

  • Report announcement & long form post
  • Twitter thread announcing a Twitter Spaces

During the Twitter Spaces 65 people joined to learn about the future of Meta Pool and different aspects covered in the report.

Newsletter banner

The following banner was included in 16 different publications (first, last) instead of 8 that were promised. We covered not only our newsletter but included our Monthly and Weekly reports.

Logo in Website

We added the Meta Pool logo on our website as a strategic partner. At the moment, we are making a rebrand and logo can’t be seen but will be shown in the next weeks.


Discovered Insights

  • Meta Pool LST usage information is still not readily available or accessible.
  • There is a diversification of networks for the LSTs offered.
  • Users feel overwhelmed due Metapool is under development and restructuring in terms of governance.
  • Users would like to see mpETH in L2 networks.
  • Latam wants to see a Latam born LST project competing with other projects like Lido or Rocket Pool

Feedback for Meta Pool’s team

  • Seeking to rank in Staking Rewards via Verified StakingProvider Program
  • You’re ranked 35th by AUM
  • Seek alliances with DeFi protocols referents of each network (NEAR & Ethereum) to seek more uses of LSTs.
  • Creation of tutorials or dynamics to enable education concerning current uses of LSTs.
  • Improve the follow-up of proposals to achieve the expected impact.

We would like to thank to the different people that support our proposal during mpGrants #5

Thanks to Meta Pool for supporting public goods.