With pleasure, I’m pleased to present my report for the month of November 2023:

During the month of November :

Based on MetaPool’s “LOCK YOUR META” Campaign, I wrote these blog posts :

  • I wrote a medium article, detailing the “LOCK YOUR META” in alignment with MPIP-3

  • I wrote a medium blog on MetaPool’s presence in the STAKING SUMMIT that held in Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent, Istanbul, Türkiye

  • I wrote a compilation & summary of the list of proposals on mpDAO Grants 5.

  • I wrote a comprehensive article on the proposed period of grace from Ref Finance to MetaPool, Highlighting the reasons and possibility after approval .

  • I wrote a blog on the impact of MetaPool on DeFi and web3 via it liquid staking solution to top chains in the crypto space

Furthermore , I wrote detail Threads on X that detailed :

  • Everything to know on MetaPool’s LOCK YOUR META in relation to MPIP-3 .

  • Meta Pool delisting from MEXC exchange .

  • Meta Pool’s milestone and it success since 2021

  • Meta Pool’s invitation to all NEARx holders from stader.

  • MetaPool’s strategic partnership with Q blockchain

  • update on mpDAO Grants 5 leading proposals.

  • Details on MetaPool’s grace period sprint proposal from Ref Finance

I created a basic video, outlining the steps of onboarding from stader to MetaPool, also the awaiting benefits.

I made a post in Highlighting the step required to Withdrawing & locking your META on Meta Vote.

A telegram community podcast was held at envanikDAO, to elaborate on the recent development in MetaPool like locking of Meta token, opportunities for NEARx holders, MPIP-5, mpDAO Grants 5 and so on