Report on activities as a Meta Pool LATAM Ambassador

Hello everyone, NEAR community!

A pleasure to be here, this report is for the general public to see what is being done in latam with META POOL and chain NEAR.

The purpose of this publication is to give a brief report on the activities carried out as an ambassador.

Activities I did:

I organised an AMA with the representative of LatinoChain, a community that supports different blockchain topics in my country, as it is a blockchain agnostic community, it was held on the 24th of July about my NEAR and Aurora blockchain adoption education initiative for the Colombia and Latam region, which was launched at Meta Pool DAO. Also explaining how individuals and communities benefit from participating in voting by being able to earn rewards from 23% APY.

Twitter attendance record = 54 connected

I made 3 medium blog posts, explaining about the two Meta Pool ecosystem solutions such as liquid staking on Aurora and the launch of LST on Ethereum. Medium Blockchain Machine

Shill in spaces or telegram voice from different communities in the region, talking about recent releases of META POOL and about the rewards that holders and voters receive in the Meta Pool DAO by bringing people on board the channels.

Posting on Twitter over 8 posts and threads about Meta Pool and also retweeting, liking and commenting. Synchronised with #BOS towards NEAR SOCIAL NEAR Social Andres

Publish information related to the NEAR and Aurora ecosystem to be replicated among the Hispanic community. [Twiiter Perfil Andres](

In addition, I held a face-to-face MeetUp in my city Bogotá - Colombia, in the blockchain house where I am a member of the community, where I invited new people to talk to them about the NEAR network, Aurora and its DeFi ecosystem, also about NEAR as BOS, they were surprised since many of them operate on networks like ethereum and polkadot and didn’t know much about NEAR. MeetUp Meta Pool

The main topic was to talk about the META POOL ecosystem and its main Liquid staking solution with $stNEAR, $stAur and now $mpETH, they liked it a lot because they did not know the advantages and benefits of doing this strategy with META POOL and the main DEX protocols , Leding, Borrow, Pool, Yield Farming among others in NEAR and Aurora

I appreciate you taking the time to view this post.

Greetings to the whole community