[Report/mpDAO/1st Draft] Decentralized Staking Front End and Front End Marketplace for communities by CryptoConexión, Frutero Club and Nación Bankless

Hi Forum!

We are glad to announce the activities made by (MonicaTalan, 0xVato and CryptoreuMD) on behalf of [Cryptoconexion, Frutero Club and Nación Bankless] during the last two months.

We are thrilled by the progress made with this proposal and are eager to bring it to fruition, igniting its potential to fund impactful projects.

In essence, our proposal evolved in response to the needs and visions of our three communities. We took on the challenge of developing a FrontEnd solution leveraging Near Blockchain Operating System technology, enabling staking directly from our landing page. Users will enjoy the flexibility of depositing both ETH and Near tokens."

One of the key changes is the new identity with refreshed colors that reflect the diversity of flavors that our communities have. Following the analogy of color, with this merger, we proposed the name Staking4 that embodies our belief in ‘Staking for public goods,’ where every deposit funds projects for community benefit.

This is the page to access the SF in the IPFS:


and this is the hosted link


We prioritize abstracting complex tools for our community, starting with clarifying “what is staking? and “where can I stake my tokens securely?” Our platform enables users to stake and benefit from network security, supporting Meta Pool’s objectives.

We decided to use Fleek to host the service, which will allow us to have three turning points:

1.- ENS Integration: Our tool is accessible through the ENS-managed DNS, which we have already acquired for the next 3 years and will help us to host the service https://app.ens.domains/staking4.eth

2.- IPFS Deployment: We’ve deployed our tool on IPFS, guaranteeing a decentralized environment accessible worldwide.

3.- Filecoin ease: we can leverage storage on Filecoin and access a seamless web3 tool for payments and launches.

What can you do in this first version?

In this initial version, it’s straightforward staking — just connect your EVM-compatible web3 wallet or a Near wallet, and you’re ready to deposit. By participating, you directly boost Meta Pool’s LTV and contribute to funding projects and public goods.

4.- ENS

Because we want to be in the pipeline of decentralization and new content creation, we also used ENS domains to connect to an IPNS in Fleek, this is a screenshot of the resolver address and the new address in which also the people can access. https://staking4.eth.limo/

Making FOMO about our new project

Since we started working, we have maintained radio silence, however a few days ago we published this post, in which the interaction of the community began to draw attention.

Generating FOMO for our latest project

We’ve been quietly at work maintaining radio silence. But a recent post of us simply stating “almost there” with a screenshot of our platform attached sparked significant community interaction, signaling the start of something exciting.


As we are part of a bigger DAO, we published our ideas and advances in the forum of BanklessDAO, you can check our post here: https://forum.bankless.community/t/nacion-bankless-ambassadors-as-a-service-modifed-11-05-24/10644?u=cryptoreumd

During a Twitter space event with the Meta Pool team to promote the migration of the META mpETH token, we unveiled the first version of our tool. The initial draft of our release fills us with pride: https://x.com/NacionBankless/status/1788433569477468471,
twitter spaces

We have 154 listeners to this Space: https://x.com/i/spaces/1lPJqboMDlZxb ![|602x324]

3.- We had a very nice time to talk about our experience doing this work and the next phases in this twitter spaces, now we are going to update our YouTube Space to also add this conversation.

The goals we achieved for this proposal

We are happy to announce the following numbers.

  • Creation of the landing page, here is the code https://github.com/fruteroclub/staking_4
  • Connect the landing page to Fleek, ENS and IPFS.
  • Twitter Spaces, (https://x.com/i/spaces/1lPJqboMDlZxb 156 , https://x.com/i/spaces/1YqxoDQOyVaKv 55, https://x.com/i/spaces/1MYxNojBlDbKw 55 tunned in)
  • Twitter Posts
    1.- https://x.com/NacionBankless/status/1792979842964615267 321 views
    2.-https://x.com/NacionBankless/status/1792973082702864555 192 views
    3.- https://x.com/NacionBankless/status/1790742040285676030 518 views
    4.- https://x.com/NacionBankless/status/1790498477358649770 203 views
    5.- https://x.com/NacionBankless/status/1788433186088726567 1000 views
    6.- https://x.com/NacionBankless/status/1786755378023162312 2000 views
    7.- https://x.com/NacionBankless/status/1778471640717828553317 views
    8.- https://x.com/NacionBankless/status/1777908941424574791 1000 views

We continue working into the second phase of our project supported by Nacion Bankless. Our focus is on initiating the exchange of mpDAO-ETH and mpDAO-OP tokens on the Optimism network through Velodrome, a process that is already underway.


Great job and the next one looks like it will be a success with the support of the @Meta Pool Grants :muscle:

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¡Gracias por sus contribuciones!


Congrats team! Meta Pool, NEAR and Etheruem growing together powered by Communities and fueled by mpDAO Grants!