[February] Meta Pool opportunity: increase awareness to the projects: project is on hold

Hey hey,

We start a new collaboration with Meta Pool. :star_struck:
Meta Pool is the first liquid staking solution for Near Protocol token holders. Meta Pool is a liquid staking solution for NEAR Protocol backed by community staking providers. lets users stake their NEAR, receiving a liquid, NEP-141 standard token they can use to participate in on-chain activities, e.g. lending.

Our goal is to increase attention to Meta Pool and spread the word about it in different communities. We can enhance the ecosystem through awareness and networking. To accomplish our goal, we are looking for ambassadors who can reach out to communities of token holders from 4 countries:

  • Vietnam UPD: 1 person is needed
  • India
  • Nigeria UPD: Candidates are found
  • Kenia

We will reward 8 people who will reach 20 communities per week. :money_mouth_face:
The reward is 70 USD
If you manage to organize AMA about Meta Pool reward is 100 USD

Reach out to me to start work on the opportunity :blush:


Hey,I’m interested in this opportunity…

I am interested in this great opportunity

Hi Ana @AnaNastya
I’m interested to host AMA for our Near VietNam community on Telegram, I did AMA with Ref Finance and OIN Finance before, please contact me if interested.
See ya!

I will love to be part of this.

Hi Ana

I’m interested, I’m a Nigerian and I can hold AMA for our Near Nigeria community on Telegram

Hello I’m from India, and I’m Interested for this. Looking forward.

Hi Ana,

Aman this side & I am from India. Interested for this opportunity :raised_hands:

I am very interested in this opportunity and want to start right away.

Could you please answer in TG?

@parichay @iamanansari @sarafpriyankaa Thank you for your replies! Could you please share your previous experience in the NEAR ecosystem?

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Hi, thank you for your interest in the opportunity
Could you please let me know if you have experience in reaching out/community promotion?

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I’m following NEAR ecosystem from Q2 2021. Seeing and collecting NEAR NFT’s from Q4 2021.
Now I’m in the NEAR NFT Club.
And Want to grow with NEAR. Because I believe in NEAR.

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@Albhion have you checked this out

Yess But I don’t have big Community now

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@NFTlord @Wealth242 the reward for reaching out communities - 140 USD for each is approved
@IgbozeIsrael 70 USD for reaching out communities for 1 week


@AnaNastya @Jacopo @williamx @Monish016 @vrdoingthings
Metapool OWS Ambassador_february awareness_opportunity


@AnaNastya @vrdoingthings @Monish016 @williamx @Jacopo

Metapool OWS Ambassador, February
Awareness opportunity


Hi, I think you submitted to a wrong DAO. Please re-submit at OWS Astro DAO here: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/open-web-sandbox.sputnik-dao.near/proposals

@AnaNastya @williamx @Monish016 @Jacopo


Metapool OWS Ambassador February
Awareness Opportunity