[REPORT] MotionDAO |September 2021

The MotionDAOLab started this month with two online sessions and had 7 participants committed to attend the four sessions.
We have seven interdisciplinary artists and creative technologists log in from Colombia, Venezuela, Belgium, France, Germany and the US. The sessions have been geared to create a participatory environment , knowledge co-creation and collaboration.
You can see here the online group for the course in the dance-tech.net platform the resources for the two sessions and the material generated by the participants. All participants were introduced to the Near Protocol: wallet, Near Token and the possibilities for validation, delegation and staking.
Two long time collaborators and workshop participants were invited to the be part of the MotionDAO in SputnikDAO.
We are moving very clearly towards a more cooperative framework that was expressed on how to manage the Near incentives voting in favor of sharing 10Near per participant and to save the 30 left from the budget foreach session back to the DAO…
Two hours of open review and coaching were offered Saturday 25th.
NFTs and DAO will be the focus on the upcoming October sessions.
Two of the participants are shared their enthusiasm about becoming validators and members of the Near Guilds .
These are some screenshots of the sessions: