[Proposal] August 2022 Month 1: Keep doing, connecting practices and creating home

August is month 1 of my three month trip to Europe to keep connecting and surfing the emerging hubs of MotionDAO.
As August start and in Kassel feels that the world is burning, I walk and take the train to the epicenter of the Documenta 15th exhibition in Kassel. I carry with my on my backpack my laptop, cables, a small projector, an extra t-shirt and the Documenta 15th hand book. I have started this literal journey that is taking me from the coziness of the New England woods to the harsh wilderness of airports, train stations, grass roots spaces, global warming and an a post-pandemic art word that is trying to recover from recent events and heal ancient wounds.

I am looking forward to finally meet some MotionDAO members in person after one year of online meetings: Sammy is coming from Canada, Jeanne is coming from Paris, Mariana is coming from Frankfurt, Jorge came from Brussels, David lives here…Lenara is hosting me in Berlin and helping me to facilitate workshops in Kassel. Victor in the US, Anibal in Buenos Aires, Tatiana in Brazil and Amber from San Antonio (Texas) are connecting and sending material for the video gallery. I get fueled by their commitment and I looking forward to these encounters.

Image of 1st day in K-format residency.

I worry about the delayed funding of July and continue juggling ideas, strategies and sustainable scenarios. It is all material for the project; questions emerge in how collective art practices are related with DAOs; how do we really can help the struggling art world. We were invited to share our MotionDAO experience by K-Format a collective of your artists connecting to their city hoping to connect with us. Then Brussels at the TicTac Art center, I will tech meditation and also will have a table with MotionDAO material. I will also onboard the exhibiting artists during this 4th anniversary on my way to teaching in the Ghent University with Lenara. ‘Keep doing…what you are doing’ I read in the exhibition book. Neat support has become our platform and ekosystem. That’s how I keep being this hybrid artists, researcher with en exoskeleton of hope. I am fascinated on what I am seeing: an auspicious confluence of distributed collaborative efforts of many instantiations of creative collectivities; an increased awareness of the historic tragedy caused by colonialism, patriarchy in the mist of the cruelty of hyper-capitalism. So, that is what is brewing in the air of Documenta Fifteen.

I present this integrated proposal of support for several of my roles:
1.-Leading, curating and administrating: 1000 USD
AS one of the MotionDAO leaders in August a started a digital nomad lifestyle to be able to visit and to know the MotionDAO hubs making direct connection with Berlin, Kassel, Brussels, Ghent and Geneva. I consider this phase crucial as support and also a way to get to know in person some of the members and also to directly investigate how we can be sustainable and what is actually needed. This 1000.00 will support also my administrative activities such as: meeting new possible members, weekly meetings, spacial meetings with members and creating a network of impact in conferences, educational centers, festivals,etc.

2.-Facilitating residency at K-Format | Documenta 15th from August 3rd to 9th.
I will facilitate the whole residency and co-learning process in a total of 15 hours and three of these hours will be direct web3 education with wallet creations , NFT collecting and creation (mintBase, Satori, Near Explorer), and AstroDAO Demo.

  • R&D on Collective Art Practices and it relation with DAOs.
    We are fortunate to have been invited to the Document 15th that has been created with the concept of Lumbung as an artistic and economic model is rooted in principles such as collectivity, communal resource sharing, and equal allocation, and is embodied in all parts of the collaboration and the exhibition. I will be researching and connecting our web3 project with this beautiful big frame. Note: we are part of the undergrund/grassroots documenta, so we did not get any economic support from Documenta.
    documenta fifteen

500 USD

3.-SoftSpaces to be presented at Ghent University Belgium Marlon 400 USD. The university has only given partial support helping with part of the cost of the ticket from Boston to Berlin.
I have two projects that have been generated with the support of Near.
I work as a creative coder developing generative digital art works that love in the browser. Soft Spaces and Tools for Meta-creation will be exhibited in Ghent as NFTs. I will be minting the NFTs this the 22nd of August on MintBase before the conference. The works will be distributes as NFTs and also the works can generate digital objects with the user interaction that can be used for NFT creation. These works will be exhibited the last days of the conference.
This is part of the research on dynamic NFTs and its relevance for movement/time based practices. ( there is hope with the JS SDK recently released to embark on a development of an integrated generative NFts platform).
All the work presented in Ghent is presented and practices on Near Daaps.
more than 15 NFT will be minted in MintBase

4 Flyer Dance and the Blockchain Course

4.-Mindfulness in Hard Times by MotionDAO Weekly Mediation Sessions/Onboarding and TicTac Brussels
I am leading one weekly one hours online session with attendance of MotionDAO and Kernel members. The sessions are explicitly presented as supported by Near and MotionDAO and works as an introduction to our values of care and embodiment. session are Wednesdays al 12 EST/6pm CET.
I think present Near Ecosystem as caring and compassionate in a world in turmoil. It is an important gateway to a web3 with human-centered values.
I am in residency at TicTac Art Center in Brussels from the 15th to the 21st and I will be leading 6 one hours sessions for some of the best international dancers in the world. This sessions will lead to a Web3 and Care 2 hours workshop to be led by me Sunday 21st of August where will will create wallets and introduce dancers to MotionDAO/Near.
Tictac is only providing housing and meals during my stay.

I am so happy that this adventure is starting with the Documenta 15th with its curatorial frame Lumbung: it reflects the values of the world that MotionDAO with the help of Near is helping to build.

Total: 2100 USD

This is from the 4th day in Kassel Germany!


Hi there,

A few questions to get a better understanding here:

Could you please expand on what these tasks are and outline a budget for them?

Could you also expand on what this residency entails and what facilitation costs are?

Could you please help us understand what presenting SoftSpaces is and how it correlates to the NEAR ecosystem?

How many meditation sessions would this entail and how many onboarded folks would be expected? How does this correlate or add value to the NEAR ecosystem?

Hello Adrian, thank you for your detailed questions that I will elaborate today.
very useful.
I posted our consolidated report in the July post and here it is:

Cool, I tried to answer you questions. let me know if you need more.
Thank Adrian.