[Report] monthly report -ReggaeDAO_MARCH 2022

[report march]
NEAR reggae mixtape March 2022

We were facing difficulties on the DAO on processing our poll to be voted due to some errors, we are still waiting to be paid because of the delayance.
Already we have some tracks submitted , and waiting for more
We will continue with the collaboration and end it on 7th April .
So we can give the report
With all details … thanks

Total request in MARCH: $2700 in Near with 5 NEAR

March Report for Reggaedao

March has come and gone and seen us do one major activity.

Reggaedao is a new DAO and March was our first operational month which also saw us gace some obstacles because many reasons but which were promptly attended to and solved by the members of the creative councils.

We really want to show our gratitude for their help in tackling and solving all our issues which included funding, where we had a major problem.

One major activity we embarked on for the month of March was the Reggaedao Mixtape which was a collaboration between artistes and the number of people involved has been the largest so far in this ecosystem.

A total number of not less than 20 artistes are collaborating to bring this dream to a reality and the project is still on going. The reason is because, at the early stages of the event and DAO formation, we had issues with some members who loaned us $Near to run the DAO but the issue was promptly settled by the elders in the ecosystem.

Another issue which we faced but has now been put to rest is the funding. It was in late March that our proposal finally received the go ahead for funding, meanwhile we, in good faith and for passion sale, continued rallying round the DAO to make sure the collaborators continue submitting beats and vocals pending the resolve of the financial crises which has now been solved.

The Reggaedao Mixtape ends soon and we will pay all the participants from the approved funding.

A total amount of $2000 in Near will be used to pay the participants

A total amount of $500 in Near will be used for DAO Management
Council Members
Big M

A total amount of $200 in Near will be used to offset the loans we took for DAO set up and the rest will be left in the treasury

Total amount requested and (in future) spent (because the new payout system has a wait of two weeks for it to be processed) = $2700 in Near

We have been advised not to submit a new proposal until the current project is completely done and we expect everything to be completed this month so that May can herald a new set of activities.

We thank you for your help always, we love you for assisting us all the time and long live Near Foundation.
Thank you.

@Thetruebigm @jahzonemussician

Link for the monthly proposal :-

Approved by AstroDAO