[REPORT] Monthly report Graffiti DAO December 2021


Project/Council Members:


Total Requested Funding Amount:
75 Near

December budget:

Projects & Timelines:
In December both myself and @mwhyden came onboard the council to kickstart the Graffiti DAO again. After several months dormant, we’re happy to say we’re taking small but solid steps towards getting this DAO going and connected with it’s community.

KONE - mural project in downtown Lisboa: This project was our intro to the graffiti dao and we’re excited to say that as of yesterday (3rd of January) the physical mural is completed. The next steps for the project are outline in the proposal by @gardencollective . Half of the payout has already been given in order to buy materials, book flights and other logistics. The second half will be paid out in January.
You can see the full proposal here:


  • Contact made with Crack Kids Lisboa, who are the local stockist of all things graffiti in Lisboa. We will be reaching out in the new year to see how we can build this relationship further

  • We started ideation for the first open call competition for January that will hopefully engage some of the existing members of the DAO and invite new ones into the space.

  • We had our first community call on our telegram ( Telegram: Contact @GraffBase ) which we had 4 in attendance to. A small number to start but we’ve seen some new faces join the TG group recently.

January funding proposal to follow!

Thank you and feel free to ask any questions.