[REPORT] Monthly report - graffiti dao - January

Project Name: Graffiti DAO January

DAO: Graffiti DAO


tediv.near @tediv

mwhyden.near @mwhyden

Project Accounting: 22.3 NEAR


This month in the graffiti dao was the second month after changing council. Myself and @mwhyden took over as @vandal left to pursue a new journey in the ecosystem. December was mostly about getting set up, settled in and figuring things out. January, thus far, has really been the first month of community action as we had our first open bounty competitions with _____ entries, and our first mural completed in Baixa Chiado, Lisbon.

Still to be paid out/claimed:

  • The last of the bounties and winners of our January competition (8 of 10 already paid out)
    1 payout of 0.65 N and another payout of 1.95 N


  • Completed the KONE mural project in Baixa Chiado
    (NFT artwork received, to be minted in the beginning of Feb. Video plus the soundtrack is 90% complete, also to be released in the beginning of Feb)

  • We gained access to all the social media channels that were in existence and created a new Graffiti DAO gmail ( graffitidao@gmail.com ) for future communications and linking to the social media channels.

  • We set up the DAO on Astrodao, which we will start using from February on, as soon as the last 2 proposals from January are sent through.

  • Began brainstorming and development of a GraffBase sticker pack for our Telegram group with @ligyaya, you can see this proposal here.

  • Began development of the Graffiti DAO collab with the BEAT DAO and VanDAO.

  • Reached out to more creatives and collectives in the Lisbon area about potentially running in-person workshops that could also be combined with an onboarding session.


Two new wallets were created this month (currently waiting to confirm the names of these wallets)

Our TG group is becoming more active and now has 34 members

Next steps

Graffiti DAO plans to get a new mural done in February, expand the community further and continue to collaborate with various other DAOs to expand our reach.


Glad to see GaffBase in good hands and Iā€™m looking forward to our Collabo next month!!!