[APPROVED] January Budget for Graffiti DAO

Monthly Budget Graff DAO January




Target Address : SputnikDAO

Current Balance: 20 NEAR (SputnikDAO)

The Graffiti DAO had a very successful and busy relaunch in December, with the completion of our first physical mural project in downtown Lisbon, more info on that and the rest of our activities can be found via our December Report.

As well as this we have made a good start on some interesting collaborations. We have discussed the possibility of collaboration with the BEAT DAO on a future project, as well as having made contact with Crack Kids, Lisbon’s source for all things graffiti. We exchanged email addresses and will pursue a conversation with them in the future also. Additionally, we have also gained control of the Graffiti DAO TG Group

Objectives for January:

  • Continue growing the community

  • Begin posting and re-establishing the social media presence of the Graffiti DAO

  • Exhibit the artworks in the metaverse from our first bounty

  • Host another community call once the bounty is rolling

  • Find our the next artists to paint a mural in February

  • Migrate to Astro DAO

January Budget request for Graffiti DAO:

Total amount requested: $1079


Happy to approve this one :slight_smile:
Please request your payout of 68.7N (coingecko 6.1., 22:00 GMT, 1N= 15.69$) in the Creatives Astro DAO & use this forum link as the external link :rocket:


Thank you so much! Payout as been requested: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/creatives.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/creatives.sputnik-dao.near-73


Second payout for the KONE mural requested via sputnik dao
for 37.8 NEAR : SputnikDAO


Payout of 37.8N has been approved! :slight_smile: