[Report MID MAY - JUNE ] - talks on near blockchain May -June 2022

Hello Team Near
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First of all Thankyou so much for Approving my funding and Making an continue progress with talks on near blockchain .
As we are Coming near to July , I would Like to Share the metrics and Result of May and June Month work .

Here Comes the Report Part !!

Overview :slight_smile:
I started My journey of creating a YouTube channel for Near Protocol and Its Ecosystem. Thanks for Approve My request and as the Result, I like to Show Some of the Milestone and Achievements we have earned so far .

Metrics :slight_smile:
Youtube Channel Name : Talks on Near Blockchain

Subscribers : 558+
Total Views : 1.4K +
Total Watch Time : 23.9hrs +

Attaching the Metrics Screeshot :slightly_smiling_face:
Below Analytics are from Youtube Analytics

Audience Based :slightly_smiling_face:


Overview of Analytics :slightly_smiling_face:

Achievements :slightly_smiling_face:

:point_right:We Crossed 500+ Subscribers | 5K+ Views | Average Duration of Watch Time 23.9+Hrs
:point_right:Unlocked Community Post | Unlocked Live Streaming | Also Soon Reaching 1K Subscribers
:point_right:Created Telegram Channel for YouTube Channel Talks on Near Community : 600+ Members Telegram: Contact @talksonNearBlockchain , Thanks @naveen_in for this Idea
:point_right: After Reaching 1K Subscribers Planning to Start Talks on Near Live Event | AMA | Talks and Also Streaming
:point_right: As we Already have Our Near Protocol YouTube Channel , I will Edit Some Highlights Video to Post on Talks on Near
:point_right: Starting Session with Naksh | Graffiti DAO | GOA DAO | Paras | Spin | Bluebit Finance | Other project are lineup
:point_right: Partnership for IG TV Video with NearInsights .

I would Also Like to Create an AstroDAO in the Name of Talks on Near Blockchain .
So Far we are YouTube | Twitter | Telegram

Looking Forward to See Positive Response , THANK YOU :sparkles:


Keep up the good work brother

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Thanks Fam , Looking forward more Collaboration :fire::fire:

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Hello Team Near , I am waiting for Your Feedbacks
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Thanks or Providing the Report. Keep it up

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