[REPORT] METAVERSE DAO Monthly Report - March 2022

METAVERSE DAO Monthly Report - March 2022

Council Members:


Target: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near


Total Requested: 5000 USD in NEAR

Total Spent: 4450 USD in NEAR (we have left from this request: 500 dai to pay JohnX, who did not request it yet, and 50 dai from the Decentralized project)

Total Left: 10.4603 NEAR / 1659.4941 DAI / 50000000000 HAK / 98431 METACOIN

What we proposed

What we have accomplished in March

Hiring the Community

We hired two musicians, for 100 USD in DAI each for our 2 parties, total 200 DAI. They payout is accounted above, in the respective project report. They were onboarded to the NEAR community by Isa Danoninho and they were DJs in her party-project (Metatronic).

Financial Movements

247,75492766307283 Near traded for 3,065.15773 DAI and sent back to the treasury.

We passed all the resources from nearmetaversedao.near to metaversedao2.near.

nearmetaversedao.near is the wallet we are not going to use anymore.

Left in the wallet metaversedao2.near (that we are using now):

0.94421 NEAR
1,000 GOLD

Updated Projects Timeline

All the projects were made in the appropriate time.


We’ve: built NEAR Metaverse Magazine #4 as NFT, 2 exhibition parties on metaverse with music, we had 3 interviews with important NEAR people, we recorded more than 20 events with our reporter and minted them as NFT. We also had the voxel art classes made by Gus.


To publicize more our Decentralized Project.

Next Steps

Next steps are to keep making our projects, and try to take Metaverse DAO to presencial meetings, like Blockchain Rio, NFT Rio etc., in order for interested people to know NEAR. We are also developing with Jess our NearHub, but another friend just told us that we may have to pay from 3,000 to 7,000 usd in near to develop it - so we will have to talk to Jeff in order to see if it will really have a cost, and how much.

Thanks for your support to Metaverse DAO!