[Report] Merchandising - October - Arroz Criativo

Target: samhill.near
Members : @laurapnz , @lamour
Total hours claimed for build/sourcing/meetings: 40 hours = 45N = 477$ [@ N=10.6]
Breakdown = Laura/ Sam = 22.5N x 2
Note : Shop fitting= 20 euros = 2 NEAR/ MASSI labour hours hours TBC

The physical store is now live, looking fabulous and is selling merchandise designed by in house creatives.

A description of what happened by Sam leading the project can be seen here:

Majority of October was spent preparing and building the physical shop. Build began on the shop with Massi and Laura on 6th - 8th October - Full days spent Painting furniture and prepping store fittings. Sourcing/purchasing relevant tools from shops along with meetings to plan the build of the shop and work together. Also began repainting whole shop walls.

Throughout the month visits were made to second hand stores and markets in search of light fittings and various other items. Light fitting purchased for 20 euros. Laura and Sam recycle and upcycle and source free/donated items from the street.

14th and 18th October complete painting of shop and required shop fittings.

26-28th October - Full days fitting/drilling shelves and cupboards/rails to the shop. Cleaning and designing layout/visual merchandising and adding in residents items (sold the first pair of socks within an hour for NEAR con event!). Completed build of physical shop including fitting of shop fixtures, lighting, completion decor items and layout. (attach pictures of completed shop).

T-shirts and other arroz members items are being added into the store including Trafka, Laura Penez, Samantha Hill, Daniele and Erika and more Arroz Merchandise to come!

Along with this we begin our first lesson/meeting with Vandal in setting up our Arroz merchandise mint base store. Opened a store online and continue to work on this for November.