[Report] Arroz Merchandising Store December 2021

Hours for Sam and Laura

Actual Total hours carried out in December work Total hours: 33 Hours = 20N = 335$ [@ N=16.75]

Project members : @lamour & @laurapnz

targets : samhill.near, laurapnz.near

Breakdown of work carried out in December - Arroz Merchandise Store

Social media campaign carried out on store launch and gearing up for the new year - writing copy and selecting images - 3 hours

Emails research sent out on further t-shirt printers and continued communication for appointment arrangement in particular with MRSHIRTGUY based in Sintra, Portugal. A new local and sustainable supplier/printer - hopefully a visit this week - 7 hours

Further physical shop items sourced for free and upcycled to get ready for the new year and launch - 6 hours

Approx 10 hours of design work carried out for new designs on new merchandise - Research/painting/drawing/photoshop

Research into products that are available to produce and have Arroz merchandise besides t-shirts - 5 hours

Video interview with Sam and Laura by @danieleG to show progression and highlights of the physical store so far. Also produced some photography for social media presence - 2 hours

Actual Total hours carried out in December work Total hours: 33 Hours = 20N = 335$ [@ N=16.75]

Breakdown = Laura/ Sam = 10N x 2

Some obstacles faced during a busy holiday month/time of year. Resulted in delayed email responses and colleague absences due to the holiday season. Everywhere is beginning to wake up now! Already kicking off with a great start to the year with the following January 2022 Proposal.


Hi thanks for posting this @laurapnz & @lamour, great work! The report and the proposal are supposed to be published separately so i’ll do that for you as we are close to deadlines for submissions.

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Thanks fo sorting that!