[Report] MDAO Advisor Report April

Nothing much have changed with my previous report

-In March-April, my focus continued to be on actively engaging with the community and overseeing various aspects of MDAO, not just reviewing proposals as usual.

-building on the previous review process, I dedicate 2-4 hours daily to carefully reviewing proposals, assessing past performance, and providing thoughtful comments and questions.

-align with grantees through calls and chats to guide them through our new processes and guidelines

-actively providing chat mod support in our TG and engaging with applicants, addressing queries, and streamlining the application process

-Outreach to in-house influencers and from other ecosystem too and how MDAO will support them where necessary to be part of our content creators bounty

-regularly attending Tuesday calls to discuss challenges, strategies, and future plans and discuss with the MDAO council to understand diverse perspectives on each proposal too.

-reaching out to ecosystem projects and founders to assess their challenges and explore how MDAO can provide support

I had done research on how other ecosystem processes support media and marketing, Here is the report Reports

-As always, am continuously reinforcing that my role as an advisor involves providing recommendations rather than guaranteeing approval when it comes to comments on submissions.

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