[Report, ongoing] MDAO Advisor November

What i did as an advisor in MDAO during the month of November

As usual, i’m gathering October reports and reaching out to our grantees to ask where their challenges are and how we can help them further, especially those related to regional communities and growth.

November is not tight and challenging like previous month due to Nearcon, time spend is not more than 2-4 hours every day reviewing proposals and evaluating previous reports and performance, and give my thoughts as usual.

Attending calls every Tuesday to discussion challenges, strategies and way forward.

As usual, reaching out to ecosystem projects and have a call to see how MDAO will suppprt them and what are their challenges, why their projects is not active., direct others to Horizon

I review each proposal carefully, I reviewed 30+ proposals this month, review past performance, comment and ask questions and work along side Marketing DAO council to understand the varied points of view that exist around each proposal.

Finally, for ecosystem community leaders and founders, am just a advisor my comments and thoughts is not a guarantee approval, is more of recommendation for the councils for further evaluation.

Thanks @marketingdao-council