[REPORT] May Monthly Report - 55SP DAO

[REPORT] May Monthly Report 55SP Dao

Project status [ in progress ]

Project Members




Project account currence balance
57.18 N

Payout pending

Related to April and May

  • Photographer fee Memento Catalog
  • Podcast guest Fee

Updated Project Timeline:

  • Ressonância podcasts

We recorded, edited and published 4 podcasts this month we made an special effort to launch a new selection specially made for ArPa Art Fair

Ressonancia is part of the official fair program and at the Fair Entrance there is a sign with a QR code taking straight to our website page.


The fair already improved podcast audience

As we can see at Anchor platform audience growth chart below at Fair first days.

The landing page created specially for the fair and QR code

New podcasts episodes





CATARINA DUNCAN @catarinaduncan

TETINE @eliete


Estacao Ressonância

With an ongoing research on Portuguese speakers artists whose works involve visual art and sound. The project consists of a platform to exhibit existing and unpublished works.

This month we had Vivian Caccuri and Gabriel Francisco Lemos as invited artists, as the platform still developing for now on they are both showing the projects in the podcast pages, bit as soon as Estacao Ressonancia is ready works are also going to be there.

Gabriel Francisco Lemos presented O Riso and he came to replace Tetine, as the podcast with the duo was also launched this month.

Vivian Caccuri

Memento Virtual catalog

We finished the first part of the digital process for the catalog, involved artist Bruno Baptistelli, curator Ademar Britto, Project director @juliamorelli55sp and the art director and designer @luna.raul text translator by @mazzuca photographer @manoelantoniopereira

The concept and mood for catalog is already created by @luna.raul

Watch concept video for book pre order


Working on the platform was already much easier and flowed very well

Bringing new artists and creatives to the Near ecosystem







  • Work in partnership with other strong art projects as ArPa Art Fair
  • Improvements on podcast quality, recording studio, platform increasing

Podcast being now at more platforms


Google Podcast


Apple Podcast


And also Spotify that already had all the episodes.


  • We experienced some difficulties updating astrodao but we had full support from @JulianaM e @dani which made it flow island happen.

  • Learn to deal with currency changes and preparing flow and new creatives to platform in advance

  • Understanding the constant need of publicize and more social media presence to increase podcast and project audience

Next Steps:

For the next steps, we will continue with

For Ressonância - Podcasts + Estação continue with the biweekly podcast, more structured and now with publicity. Increase the search and improve the page to house the station and available songs/sound works.

For Memento, until mid-June we are going to launch the digital catalog on NFT and on e-publications platforms.

For Mothering, start researching public and video programming with guest artists

Investing in social media and public relations with media outlets


With the NEAR support and new content we believe that we will impact a significant number of people and then bring more publicity and creativity to the ecosystem.

Empowering a full digital platform that grows month by month and becomes an important research archive of the intersections of visual and sound art, with research on Portuguese-speaking artists and the importance of music and art in the cultures of these countries, importance of be dealing with pressing issues of contemporary art as in Mothering and Memento.