[REPORT] April Monthy Report 55SP Dao

[REPORT] April Monthy Report 55SP Dao

Project status [ in progress ]

Project Members




Project account currence balance 42.17 N

Payout pending 37.15 N

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  • Podcast guest fee Ressonancia Project
  • Photographer fee Memento Catalog
  • Podcast Edition

Updated Project Timeline:

  • Astrodao creation


  • 55SP Gallery at Mintbase this first month we manage to set up organize and get to learn more about the platform

  • Ressonância Podcasts

We recorded, edited and published a podcast with the curator Raphael Fonseca, it was edited by the collective @Producaopreta and has the visual identity created by @giolangone

The second podcast is due to be recorded in the beginning of May and released by the 2nd week of May, we just received fundings approval in the 13th of april so we had less than a month to work, but the podcast artists are already onboard of the platform @eliete

Spotify - Raphael Fonseca

  • Memento Virtual catalog

We start all the creative process between artist Bruno Baptistelli, curator Ademar Britto, Project director @juliamorelli55sp and the art director and designer @luna.raul

All the curator text is already translated by @mazzuca We shot all the instalation views of the exhibition with Ana Pigosso and also shot the concept photos for the catalog with @manoelantoniopereira

The concept and mood for catalog is already created by @luna.raul

And we plan the delivery for the 23rd of May


It was really exciting to be in the ecosystem, learn a bit more and be able to empower important ongoinf projects of 55SP , Join forces with allied artists and see the project have more access and impact.

Working on the platform was already much easier and flowed very well

Bringing new artists and creatives to the Near ecosystem









We experienced some difficulties creating astrodao, wallets and transfers proposals but we had full support from @JulianaM e @dani which made it flow in such a great way.

As @juliamorelli55sp is also involved in the curatorship of Galeria Demonstra (LINK), working on the mintbase platform happened without any more difficulties and the research and work with 3XR already makes us start thinking about new projects.

Next Steps:

For the next steps, we will continue with the Resonância project, with more podcasts and we will start an offshoot called Estação Ressonância, where we will create a platform for sound works to be exhibited and catalogued. These works will also be in the Mint Base gallery as NTFs. These works will be launched at the beginning of June together with an Art Fair (https://arpa.art/)


With the project leveraged by the fair (https://arpa.art/) and by NEAR, we believe that we will impact a significant number of people and, with that, bring more publicity and creativity to the ecosystem.

Create a fully digital platform that grows month by month and becomes an important research archive of the intersections of visual and sound art, with research on Portuguese-speaking artists and the importance of music and art in the cultures of these countries.


Amazing projects! Congrats 55SP!