[Report] MaxOne Meta Pool Ambassador Working Activities for September, 2023

Hello Everyone, Hello Meta Poolers

Below I submit my activity report for September 2023. This month was an impressive moment to be able to represent Meta Pool to attend a community meeting with Pintu Exchange and presented about Meta Pool Project to the community.

Here are the details of the Sept activities:

  1. Created 8 Thread about Meta Pool Liquid Staking, NDC Election, mpDAO, MPIP
  2. Created 4 articles explaining about Staking Tutorial, NDC Election, mpETH Staking
  3. Held 2 AMA’s with Crypto Scope, NUSA Finance
  4. Created 3 Translations related Meta Pool’s doc into Bahasa Indonesia
  5. Created Infographic about NDC Election about Alan and Lucio
  6. Maintain the Meta Pool TG & Discord Channel
  7. Being a speaker at Pintu Community meetup explaining about Meta Pool product to the Community

Photo Proofs:


Thanks @maxone for supporting the Meta Pool community ! Great job!

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