[Report] MaxOne's Working activities in October 2023

Hello everyone,

Below are my activities report for the Meta Pool Ambassador program for October batch, this month has many updates from the Meta Pool Protocol and so exciting to do the tasks and spreading about Meta Pool.

Post on Near Social:

  1. Posting about MPIP #3 and the token Reset
  2. Posting about what things to do before the mpDAO launch


  1. Conducting AMA with AAG explaining to the AAG Community about the Liquid Staking advantages on Meta Pool


  1. Explaining about MPIP #3 in Bahasa Indonesia
  2. Explaining about mpDAO and the liquid staking on Meta Pool
  3. Explaining about Defi Strategies using stNEAR, stAUR and META
  4. Explaining about mpDAO grants #4 participants
  5. Explaining about the Indonesian mpDAO Grant participants and voting tutorial
  6. Explaining about Meta Pools Liquidstaking product and passive income
  7. Explaining about Meta Pool’s LST Utility in Bahasa Indonesia
  8. Explaining again about mpDAO grants will end in 5 days and vote to earn using META

Medium Blog:

  1. Creating Medium Blog in Bahasa Indonesia and share info about Token Reset.
  2. Creating Medium Blog about META token and Participating the Governance in Bahasa Indonesia
  3. Article about Meta Pools new partnership with Tenet and Teller Protocol
  4. Medium article about Meta Pool is doing full support the decentralization in Bahasa Indonesia

Making video Tutorial how to vote in Bahasa Indonesia

The extra activities:

  1. Creating 4 translations Blog into Bahasa Indonesia
  2. Conducting AMA with Crypto Scope, we were discuss about the mpDAO and the token reset.
  3. Conducting AMA with Bittime Indonesia (CEX) and we were talking about the Liquid Staking
  4. Meta Pool Around the World photo at distinguished place
  5. Moderating Discord and Telegram
  6. 1 Tiktok infographic advertisement

That’s all for the October Activity, keep on staking!