[Report] Monthly Report MaxOne for July 2023

I hereby reporting my task on Meta Pool for July 2023:

  1. Doing 3 translations for Meta Pool Blog, about Staking Aurora, mpETH Launch, and mpETH staking promo 61% APY
  2. Doing Mandatory task for July 2023 (2 tweet + 1 blog) every week
  3. Moderating Meta Pools Discord and Telegram on weekend
  4. Shilling, share about Meta Pool in other Publicj Group
  5. doing AMA with Aurora Indonesia on July 27th, 2023
  6. Infographic creation about mpETH Staking Promo
  7. Creating an Article about Liquid Staking AURORA
  8. Creating an Article about ETH Staking on Meta Pool with Promo APY up to 61%
  9. Creating an Article in Bahasa Indonesia about Meta Pool DAO Rewards for Active Voter and for the Community Proposal winners

So exciting with the Meta Pool great progress in build the Staking Protocol, keep build and will always support the team.

Kind Rgds