[Report] GoaDAO December, January

Project Name: GoaDAO

Project Status: [In Progress]

Project Accounting: goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near

81NEAR on account rest for now

Highlights and Metrics:

1. Social Media

150 followers (+122%. from 67)

103 followers (+171%. from 38)

20 followers ( from 0)

we’ve decided to cancel work on YouTube, don’t see the profit

created/ 23 followers (from 0)

Video :

  1. guide about NFT on Paras for the NFT-Quest как создать NFT на NEAR - YouTube - dmityne
  2. about quest - in progress by katana
  3. IT-dzen - YouTube - denni_wild


9.12.21 - start
1st week (9-15.12) - task assignment
distribution the maintaining of social channels among the team. everyone started “his” channel
making plan of activities
NFT-soup https://www.instagram.com/tv/CXPb0AmDiZH/
organizing and performing 1st meetup - about NEAR educational programs and RefFinance
13.12 - meetup #1 GoaDaoNEAR on Instagram: ". next meetup by Goa NEAR openweb community with NFT-chai as a gift 13.12.2021 19.00 we'll talk about - NEAR Education programs - Ref Finance and study how to get NFT-chai 😅☺️ place: Magic Tree (Arambol, Pernem road) https://maps.app.goo.gl/8oz6bEmhGskr3KDr8 join our Telegram for more updates https://t.me/goa_openweb"
6- wallets was opened
0.6 N were transferred to created wallets
18 NFT-tea were gifted, were sent to their paras near accounts
all the people joined our IG

2nd week (16-22.12) - working on developing the Quest and preparation for 2nd Meetup
20.12 - meetup #2 and announcing NFT-Quest
9 wallets were created, 25 NFT-cheesecakes were gifted

educational video about Paras for NFT-Quest : как создать NFT на NEAR - YouTube
Как создать NFT на Paras, NEAR Protocol - YouTube
connecting places (making agreements, put banners there, open wallet, study about NFT and make NFT-chai)
design and print promo for meetup

3rd week (23-30.12) - preparations for NFT-Quest and the next meetup, connecting to people. announcements, design and print promo for quest, passing quest by ourselves first, make corrections.
TG channel for Quest Telegram: Contact @nft_near_goa and chat
27.12 - meetup#3 about trading and opportunities
it were invited speakers who asked not to make video with them
working on understanding the next our plan
IG promotion

4th week (31.12-7.01) - meetup #4 and NFT-Quest
3.01 - meetup 03.01.2022 Arambol Free Flow Eco Space. Discussion about #NFTQUEST - YouTube
NFT-Quest : Telegram: Contact @nft_near_goa
NFT-Quest. правила – Telegraph
NFT-Quest. Start. – Telegraph
NFT-Quest. the rules – Telegraph
NFT-Quest | Quest #1 - Paras
NFT-Quest | Task#2 - Paras
NFT-Quest | Task#3 - Paras
NFT-Quest | Task#4 - Paras

20 people participated in NFT-Quest yet
by the time of posting (12.01) 8 of them finished all tasks

we’re continuing the Quest to the end of January with 1day activities like NFT-borsh or hidden NFT with bonus or NFT-competitions and count all results in 1-1.5 week

5th week (8-15Jan) :

  • meetup#5 = Freedom NEAR Jam - 11/1/22 Lush Garden
    video: 2 videos will be published soon, editing in progress
    number of people: 30-40
  • planning the Feb Plan!
  • we’ve created Mintbase store and started to explore this platform
    Contract: goadaostore.mintbase1.near


what surprised us - we were planning to grow our team, but it became less first. that makes us thinking of the qualities that new members has to suit for DAO, like to be ready for decentralized model of community functioning or to be opened to blockchain technologies. so by the end of this month thankfully to our weekly meetups we met people, who can take branches of activities in our next plan (like Mintbase, meetups, lessons, competitions, etc)

we realized that people are mostly very lazy (or busy?) to pass 5-10-days quest. so we decide to continue here with small 1-day activities (like NFT-golubtsi, see down) and put our main efforts to joining to our community more and more different audience from different areas

we found out, that we have to put more attention to extention of audience that could come to our meetups and participate in other events, because now we’re not good in advertising. so we plan to work on it! first of all - to invite new more active people to our social channels from offline real life - by our presence in events around Goa, that has NFT/crypto interest, to go into another crypto-communities in Goa to invite them for our meetups to study NFT-opportunities with us or to be a speaker there. we already have some success here - we performed connection to Goa-BTC-community, they start to visit our meetups and pass the quest.
anyway, we’ve understood that for meeting more people on our meetups and quests and other activities we have to do better advertisement that we did, to put more efforts here, to spread wilder than we are now, to use more instruments, and probably target:)

we want to go further in educational and creative directions of our activities:

  1. to continue with performing weekly meetups. some of them will be mixing with musical event/jam by its end;
    some will concern investment/trading studies and discussions.
    every week we’ll discover one certain topic that can be useful for people, about platforms on NEAR Protocol, NFTs.
    then we plan to make part (on meetups) of “sharing ideas about promotion of NEAR in Goa” - we’ll collect ideas from people around and once a month we’ll support the most creative and interesting idea from GoaDAO to spread awareness about NEAR Protocol among creative goa people
    NFT-competitions also can happen here on meetups
    and by tradition on our meetups we help to create NEARwallet and study how to create and mnt NFT on Paras, Pluminite and Mintbase now
  2. Mintbase Store
    2.1. GoaDAO STore on Mintbase for musicians - here we found a person, who started to study its opportunities and has to become a leader here - his goal is to join musicians and mint them on Mintbase. then we plan to study of promotion artists there
    2.2. to create giveaway nft-swap-store on Mintbase of real things that will participate in local offline markets - so to concentrate our attention on NFT - for goods and services - and we plan to call for people from forum to work on it with us

also we decide to stop with Youtube and better to put our efforts to Discord examination

so, Next Steps of GoaDAO :

  • we’re going to continue working on social media channels and weekly meetups, coz it educate and inform people about NEAR and our activities here as GoaDAO. We want to grow further our Goa community on Telegram, Instagram and Twitter - to increase the members and followers and we also want to have more activity in our community. Therefore, we are planning to do a quiz in our Telegram group next month, where people can answer questions about the NEAR ecosystem and win NEARs; and perform NFT-competitions and awards in TG and IG

  • we plan to grow meetups to meetup+jam(musical) - about connection the experience with music and good memory about event.

we’ve made a plan of meetups:
1st 1-1.5 hours educational part, with mic and projector

  1. few words about web3.0, blockchain, NEAR protocol, for new people
  2. presentation of (any) platform on NEAR or opportunities (Mintbase, Paras, RefFin, pools, stacking platforms, bounties from NF, news of NEAR Protocol etc)
  3. invited speaker
  4. sharing and discussion the ideas from people about activities for NEAR from GoaDAO
  5. competition about NFTs
  6. creating wallets and study NFTs on Mintbase (for musicians) and Paras
    2nd 1.5hours - musical part - Freedom NEAR Jam
    here we call soundengeneer to record the jam to make NFT-mix from every meetup to mint it on Mintbase GoaDAO Store, as well as to join musicians to our Store
    the link for the first FreedomNEARmix from the 1st Freedom NEAR Jam will be provided on days!

we make meetups every Monday and we’re trying different places for it. on every meetup we offer NFT-chai(tea) that we buy from cafe, but study people how to take this NFT from us to get the real tea.

  • we’re going to Mintbase!
    with 2 goals: collecting musicans and minting them there.
    to start giveway of real things through swap-store (denni_wild)

as far as Quest seems like too difficult for local people, we decided to create short activities, that can promote usability of NFTs here. once a week we’re ordering one same dish 10 portions and put it in 5 different places , and create 10 copies NFT of it - then we post it in channels with note “who is the first - those take real dish for free”
after one month we plan to make it with 50% discount

  • increase our presence on outer events further in Goa

Now we have rest in our DAO 81NEAR
67 from it is from daocubators dao - and we’re waiting for call with their team about it and not planning to use before it happen
approximately 200-230USD rest in cash from last event
and after one week we’ll finally finish NFT-Quest and we’ll see, if it will rest something from there or not
but we guess, next our proposal will be the plan for February
and until the end of January we’ll continue doing what is described up

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Dacha @denni_wild


Thank you guys. Keep growing your awesome Near Goa community.

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Awesome stuff guys, great to see!

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Thank you very much @johanga for report. i very glad for results in this month anyway (like we have different not common ideas, i removed from Goa guild and make my other ART TRAVEL guild) and wish u grow more , dont stop with it , more transparency, more acitivity. :muscle::clap::clap:

Can i ask how many wallets created in this month totally? Thank you

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