[REPORT] Management & Recap by Svara DAO for July 2022

SvaraDAO Report for June 2022

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[REPORT] Loan funds for NEAR MUSIC BLOC activities from Svara DAO

[REPORT] SEJAMAN Svara DAO July 2022

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[REPORT] Indonesia to the World by Svara DAO for July 2022


July is our three month trip, with 4 activities created and done by us and our community members. The introduction of our DAO is growing, and previously our 156 members on Telegram have now grown by 51 members to 207 members. We are still building on things that are better than last month, doing this not only through chat, but we do personal introductions over the phone and we do offline events, seminar workshops on the NEAR Ecosystem in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In our opinion, the July trip was quite a lot of obstacles, but we managed to get through it, when NxM @Monish016 @williamx @rhymetaylor and NEAR Indonesia @derymars helped us in lending us $300 and $750 funding, so that we could still carry out the offline activities that we had planned, even from the councils we were willing to spend private funds from money our deposit in the Bank is $200.

Svara DAO is strongly supported by NEAR Indonesia. musicians a great creative place where they can develop their music skills, collaborate, learn about blockchain and finance. Our main goal is to attract and broadcast a greater interest in our music web3 community and ecosystem in Indonesia and then Southeast Asia about the NEAR Protocol.

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