[REPORT] Management & Recap by Svara DAO for August 2022

SvaraDAO Report for August 2022

Activity in svara.sputnik-dao.near :

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Completed August Objectives:

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First of all, we would like to thank all the music producers and artists who have stayed with us for these four months, we also thank you for the support from NEAR Indonesia.

Funding just received on August 28, 2022 and some of our events started after funding dropped. our activities are full in september 2022. We opened it with Indonesia Batik Bounty, this event we received support from Paras @andinipapy nd we collaborated with one of the best batik industries in Indonesia, Batik Mawar Putih.

The number of participants for Indonesia Batik Bounty is surprising and extraordinary, a total of 32 participants, SEJAMAN participants reached 18 participants, NEAR Riddim Showdown our full quota is 10 participants with 5 performances of hip-hop musicians and 11 participants who took part in the NEAR Music Bloc Workshop Collaboration with Beat DAO @Paul

Top 5 Music NFT NEAR Riddim Showdown

  1. freedgasa.near
  2. novantara.near
  3. rousthesa.near
  4. agussakti.near
  5. amatokan.near


We are also very excited to be working with NEAR HUB to build the Rumah Svara (Svara DAO Mansion) @jefedeoro @3Dean

And the number of members in Svara DAO increased from 207 to 256 members. We are still building things better than last month, doing this not only through chat, but we still do personal introductions and meet people in person at cafes or at music events etc. Our main goal is to attract and broadcast greater interest in our music web3 community and ecosystem in Indonesia and then Southeast Asia on the NEAR Protocol.

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Thanks for your support!

Terimakasih, Svara DAO Councils
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