[REPORT] Management & Recap by Svara DAO for September, October and November 2022

SvaraDAO Report for August 2022

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[REPORT] Rumah Svara (Svara DAO Mansion) NEAR HUB for September, October, November 2022

[REPORT] Indonesia to the World by Svara DAO for September 2022

[REPORT] Build a Website for Svara DAO

[REPORT] Graphic Design Svara DAO September, October, November 2022

[REPORT] SEJAMAN by SvaraDAO for September (26 October - 18 November) 2022

We have sent a shipment of the winning Batik Tulis gifts from Indonesia Batik Bounty to the Philippines by Batik Mawar Putih


We have started our Indonesia to the World event on 20 September. 2 October coincides with our World and National Indonesian Batik Day and Paras announced the winner of the Indonesia Batik Bounty, our number of members has increased to 256 members.

In October and November funding from NF was paused. We admit that this is the most difficult time for our DAO to carry out activities and promote NEAR, we have to think hard to increase the potential and attractiveness to introduce NEAR, in the midst of a bear market storm.

We carry out the strategy from the remaining funding and the last activity from Creative DAO. Our SEJAMAN event was supposed to start at the end of September and we decided to hold this event on 26 October 2022 and extend it to 18 November 2022. And the SEJAMAN event reached 54 participants.

And the number of members in Svara DAO has increased from 256 to 343 members on Telegram. We’re still building on things that are better than last month, doing this not only via chat, but we’re still doing personal introductions and meeting people in person in cafes or at music events etc. Our main goal is to attract and broadcast greater interest in our music community and web3 ecosystem in Indonesia and then Southeast Asia on NEAR Protocol.

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