[REPORT] Management & Recap by Svara DAO for June 2022

SvaraDAO Report for June 2022

Activity in svara.sputnik-dao.near :

Total casted votes: 74

Note: in the middle of this month we took @derymars as the Council of NEAR Indonesia

Completed June 2022 objectives:

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June is our two month journey, with 3 activities created and done by us and our community members. Our brand recognition is growing, and our previously 129 members on Telegram have now grown by 27 members to 156 members. We’re still building on the same thing as last month, doing this not only via chat, but we’re doing personal introductions over the phone. For the month of July we are planning an offline activity, which is useful to further introduce NEAR to musicians and artists in Indonesia.

Svara DAO is strongly supported by NEAR Indonesia. musicians a great creative place where they can develop their music skills, collaborate, learn about blockchain and finance. With that, we set up several activities in May, seeking greater interest in our music web3 community and ecosystem in Indonesia and then Southeast Asia.

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Svara DAO store:

We just opened store and just started minted from 3 winners Tradigitunes


svaradao.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

Multicultural art and music work on the NEAR blockchain


  • $300 wizzow.near
  • $300 teezyindo.near

Thanks for your support!

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