[APPROVED] Program Funding by Svara DAO for August 2022

DAO Name: Svara DAO

Previous report (July):
[REPORT] Management & Recap by Svara DAO for July 2022

Council members:

@Wiswiz - wizzow.near
@teezyindo - teezyindo.near
@derymars - derymars.near

Hi NEAR family,

SvaraDAO in these 3 months has 208 members. We hope that in the coming months, we can reach more people and introduce them to the Near ecosystem more and more and we will look for new ideas to develop.

We decided to build the Svara DAO mansion in collaboration with NEAR HUB. Then we collaborate with Batik Mawar Putih and Paras, Our first step is the Indonesian Batik Bounty Competition. The goal is to strengthen our feet which are self-sustaining. and introduce Batik Mawar Putih to the NEAR Protocol community. And in the next month we will be serious about working on the NFT project with Batik Mawar Putih.

To increase the growth of SvaraDAO, we are continuing the program from the previous month and holding events offline, in the hope that we can provide more relevant and relevant content to the Indonesian audience and members. Offline events are very effective in increasing the number of our members.

And Svara DAO is the only DAO in Indonesia in the NEAR Indonesia community.

Youtube - The journey of Batik Mawar Putih to the countries of the world

The program of events to be held in August 2022 with the following objectives:

Program Amount
[PROPOSAL] SEJAMAN (SEsi JAmming bAreng NEAR) $ 225
[PROPOSAL] Indonesia to the World with Ras Muhamad (1/3 session) $ 100
[PROPOSAL] NEAR Riddim Showdown August 2022 $1425
[PROPOSAL] Svara DAO x Batik Mawar Putih x Paras Indonesia Batik Bounty $ 550
[PROPOSAL] Rumah Svara (Svara DAO Mansion) NEAR HUB August $1000
Graphic Design $ 100
DAO Managements 30% (Instagram/Twitter/Discord/Activities & Mobility Managements $1500
Totals $4900

Collaboration program with Beat DAO for workshops :

[PROPOSAL] NEAR Music Bloc Workshop Collaboration with Beat DAO August by Svara DAO

Total requested funds: $4900
Target: wizzow.near → svara.sputnik-dao.near

Astro DAO Link

Thank you for your support!

Terimakasih, Svara DAO Councils
One Love



@Wiswiz great to see another proposal from Svara DAO. Quick suggestion in terms of organisation: you could link the individual projects in the chart with the prices directly or even put the projects in the same order as the overall price chart so it’s easier to follow each project. Cheers!


I’ve fixed it bro, you can check, thank you for your attention :pray:


@Wiswiz thank you, that’s a lot easier to follow.


Hello, @Wiswiz! Do we have success metrics? Otherwise, initiatives looks promising!

You can see my July report from Svara DAO and when our funding from NF was delayed, we continued to run our program with the help of loans from NxM and Near Indonesia and the rest our personal funds from the Bank.

Please join to our Svara DAO Telegram

This is the result of our hard work for 3 months @teezyindo @derymars

Telegram members now 207, Instagram followers 167, twitter follower 37 and I have 4547 Twitter followers, this is quite helpful to promote NEAR activities.

for info :

And yesterday I had a meeting with one of the art councils from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to carry out the Metaverse project plan for the IMEX (Indonesia Musik Expo 2023) event and I introduced the Near ecosystem to them.


Your Creatives Moderators are delighted to support Svara DAO and are grateful for your commitment and extraordinary amount of care in keeping it a vital and active force within NEAR and the Creatives DAO.

Here are some highlights of your proposal for transparency:

  • Proposal follows the guidelines

  • Proposal is well-organize and easy to understand

  • Asked amount fore each initiative are adequate and justified

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord server to post your monthly reports and funding proposals for better organization.

Looking forward to your report :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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