[REPORT] Kalakendra DAO November 2021

Hello NEAR Fam,

Sorry for the Late Report Post,

November 19, we had landed as a DAO to Create Awareness about NFTs in India and onboard new artists to Mint their own NFT.

In aligning with the Mission, a Series of Activities was Planned in November and Executed. [Proposal Link]

  1. Create New Mintbase Store for Kalakendra DAO -Completed

Store Cost - 7N

  • Educational Session on NFT to the Artist Conducted on 03 - Dec – Completed

An Educational and Onboarding Session on Blockchain, Near and NFTs are Planned and Marketed through Twitter & Twitter Spaces.

We had a Wonderful Connect with the NFT Twitter Spaces in Regional Languages and Connected with Various artists, educated about NFTs on Climate Control Blockchain Near Protocol, Regarding Gas fee, Nft Marketplace like Mintbase.

We had a Good Response; 7 Signed up.

But on Event Day, only three were able to make it, and we had an excellent Session,

On the day, we created 2 New Near Wallets for the Artist and onboarded them to Kalakendra. We had added them as a Minter. Session Recording to be uploaded on Youtube.



Yet Analyzing other failed Responders to fit a Right Time for their Session and Onboarding.

2 Near for Wallets (1N/Account)

1.5 - Event Conducting to @Monish016

  1. Social Moderation and Activities - Stats

Telegram - 13 Followers

Twitter - 24 Followers

Total Expense
Total Funds Received - 19.5 N

Total Spent - 10.5

Treasury Balance - 15N

Thank you, Fam @Creativesdao, for making Kalakendra DAO Possible; yes, we are taking Baby steps. Soon we will be Monstrous.

We had Planned several Events to Kickstart Kalakendra in December.

  1. Competitions - Pending from Previous Budget
  2. Events - Planned on December Budget
  3. Marketing - Social Media Campaigns
  4. Social Media Engagement - Engaging Contents

Feedback is much welcome!


Nice work, team! Slow and steady progress is fine. I love that there is great funnel being created to interact and onboard people. Most important thing is learning and pivoting to models that work better. I like the use of Twitter spaces to start engaging with people and by the looks of it, you had participation for the first session.


Thank You, Shreyas for the Valuable Comments, yes indeed we are trying out small to understand how the community responds. we are trying out more ways to align with our mission. Hoping to see Kala Kendra DAO to the Next step.